How Faucet Design Changes the View of Your Home Completely

Faucets are the centerpieces of any bathroom. The kind of faucets you install in your bathrooms reflect the overall personality and style of your home. It is important to choose wisely because you need to strike a balance between aesthetics and performance. Most faucets are aesthetically viable but practically not suitable for every bathroom. Therefore, knowing your choices well will help you make better decisions.

Best Faucets for Different Home Locations

  • Pillar Faucet & Single Lever Mixer Faucets for Washbasins

Pillar faucets are standard and table mount faucets that can be installed on the washbasins. They have a single handle and give a smart look to your wash basin areas. However, if you want your washbasins to have hot and cold water as well, a single-lever basin mixer is the ideal option. Both these faucets are available in different sizes (in terms of height) to suit the style of your traditional or contemporary wash basins.

  • Brass Nozzle Bib Faucet for Washing Area

In modern homes today, the washing area usually has washing machines and space to wash clothes manually as well. In this situation, you need a permanent faucet to which you can attach the washing machine pipe. The brass nozzle bib tap is the perfect faucet for this. It has a detachable nozzle in case you do not wish to attach the pipe and use it as a regular tap.

  • Wall Mounted Swivel Spout Double Lever for Kitchen

The kitchen sink area is also one of the most important spaces in the household. A quality faucet with good durability and long-lasting functioning is required in this area. The wall-mounted double lever mixer with a swivel spout faucet works the best here. The separate handles for hot and cold water allow you to get your desired temperature. The swivel spout allows you to control the direction of the flow making it easy for you to wash big dishes.

  • Wall Mixer Telephonic or Non-Telephonic for Bath Area

Multi-functioning wall mixer faucets are the perfect solution for a minimalistic neat and clean shower area look. This single fixture in the shower area can be used for hot and cold water flow, overhead showers, and even for connecting hand showers. These wall mixer faucets work smoothly when built with Brass. The telephonic mixers allow you to connect a hand shower and come with a crutch/holder to hang the hand shower.

  • Spout Tip Ton for BathTub

Many households today have bathtubs as it gives a spacious and luxurious look. For bathtubs, the Tip Ton Bath Tub Spout is the most suitable bathroom fitting. The spout has a tip ton button through which you can enable flow in the hand shower that can be connected to the bathtub spout. It adds to the luxury of the bathtub and makes it more functional.

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