Are you searching for a method to backup IMAP email on Mac? Looking for a secure method to backup IMAP email on Mac? Not to go somewhere else, just follow the article and you will be able to backup IMAP email on Mac smoothly without exerting yourself.

IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol and is a protocol through which users can receive emails and communicate with others on a daily basis. It requires stable internet connectivity and facilitates to access the mailbox in real-time with an email program of your choice. And, the best thing about IMAP is that users can access their important emails from any device, anytime, and from any location. It means, when you are accessing or reading email message through IMAP, then you are not actually downloading it or saving it on your system. But, reading it with the support of email service.

Note. IMAP will download an email message when clicking on it and attachments are not auto-downloadable. This way, you will be able to check messages more quickly than POP.

Accessing emails through IMAP is very easy and most organizations are using it to configure their email accounts. But, sometimes, users need to face some challenges due to which they cannot read email messages when there is urgency. Because it is a server that requires the support of an internet connection to run. In other words, it is dependent and cloud-based which could sometimes lead to misshapen such as unexpected server shutdown, absence of internet, malicious attacks, etc. Therefore, many users think to take backup of IMAP email on Mac from time to time. It will keep their data safe and make it accessible whenever needed.

How to Backup IMAP Email on Mac Securely?

MacMister IMAP Backup Tool Mac is a powerful and safe solution that directly backup IMAP email on Mac within seconds. The solution is reliable, secure, and easy to use. It has an intuitive interface that professional and novice users can operate effortlessly to save IMAP email on Mac. The application only asks for credentials of a required IMAP email server and then allows users to backup IMAP email on Mac by converting IMAP emails into 15+ saving options. With the help of the tool, users will be able to backup IMAP emails to PST, PDF, MSG, EML, EMLx, MHT, HTML, DOC, CSV, TXT, Thunderbird,, IMAP Server, Office 365, and more.

Moreover, the utility includes many wonderful features that users can apply as per their requirements to obtain the desired output. And, in order to check each one of them, you can use the free demo of the application.

Working Steps to Save IMAP Email on Mac

Step 1. Download and open IMAP Backup Mac software on macOS.

launch software 1

Step 2. Provide the credentials of a required IMAP email server and specify IMAP Host and Port Number as well. After this, press the Login button.

enter login details

Step 3. The specified account will get connected and its entire items will start to appear on the software.

view account folders list

Step 4. Go to the Select Saving Options property to choose the desired saving type for IMAP backup.

saving options

Step 5. Set the sub-options and other properties of a selected saving type and press Start Backup button.

pdf options

Step 6. Now, cross-check the ongoing save IMAP mailboxes on Mac through the Email Backup Report screen as shown-


After the migration ends, it will throw a pop-up that will display the “Process Completed” message on the screen. Click OK and check the resultant file. You will see that the email content and formatting properties is 100% accurate and precise. The tool will not compromise the quality of the original data during the backup process.


The article has recommended an ultimate technique for a secure backup of IMAP email on Mac. The IMAP Email Backup Software Mac is 100% secure and verified. Any user can use the advanced solution effortlessly and backup emails from any IMAP account. Even, the powerful features of the tool will help users obtain the desired results. However, you can test the backup process for free as the application has a freeware version that allows you to save the first 25 emails from an IMAP account with attachments to a required Mac-supported saving option free of cost.

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Vagus Nerve Stimulation Market


One of the 12 pairs of cranial nerves that emerge from the brain, the vagus nerve is a component of the autonomic nervous system, which regulates uncontrollable bodily processes. The nerve runs from the chest and belly to the lower region of the brain through the neck. It is linked to sensory functions in the ears and tongue as well as muscular processes in the voice box, diaphragm, stomach, and heart. It is linked to the muscular and sensory processes in the esophagus and sinuses.

A device resembling a pacemaker is used for vagus nerve stimulation (VNS), which uses the vagus nerve to provide regular, gentle electrical pulses to the brain. Patients often are unable to feel the pulses during surgery since the brain is not physically involved. It’s crucial to remember that VNS is just a therapy choice for a narrow group of people with epilepsy or treatment-resistant depression.


The vagus nerve extends from the brain stem through the neck, chest, and belly. It is a long cranial nerve. It is a component of the parasympathetic nervous system, sometimes known as the rest-and-digest system because it controls bodily processes when a person is at rest. Transmits information from the digestive system and several organs, including the lungs, heart, and liver, to the brain of a person. It regulates various bodily processes, such as respiration, heart rate, and digestion. It controls reflexes and vasomotor activity. Additionally, it controls immunity, temperament, and vocalization. It affects how the esophagus, sinuses, and ears perceive the world.

A pulse generator is placed into a person’s chest through their skin. The pacemaker-like implanted device sends periodic electrical pulses through the vagus nerve to the brain. By putting the included magnet above the pulse generator, more stimulation may be given. Vagus nerve activity may be influenced by relaxation methods including breathing exercises, yoga, and medicine, which increases the vagus nerve’s capacity to alleviate feelings of anxiety and low mood. VNS can assist several illnesses, including epilepsy and depression, as well as an individual’s physical wellness. The therapy’s capacity to foster calm and lower inflammation has a therapeutic impact on a person’s body.

Analysis of Vagus Nerve Stimulation Market 

Due to rapidly growing demands, an increase in industrialization, consumer awareness, developing sectors, and technical breakthroughs, the market for vagus nerve stimulation is expanding significantly. Sales volume and income have increased at an exponential rate in the sector. During the projection period, market-growth-promoting factors are predicted to increase market size and market expansion.

The top firms in the vagus nerve stimulation market are actively developing new goods, doing thorough product research, innovating, and improving manufacturing processes in order to relaunch updated items in the market and expand their customer base and market share. All of the business tactics used by the firms is include in the study, together with information on their financial condition, revenue, gross margin, and growth rate.

During the projected period of 2022 to 2029, there is likely to be growth in the worldwide vagus nerve stimulation market. According to Data Bridge Market Research’s analysis, the market is predict to develop at a CAGR of 15.0% from 2022 to 2029 and reach USD 2,424.01 million.

Objective of Vagus Nerve Stimulation Market:

Every company in the Vagus Nerve Stimulation market has goals, but this market research study concentrates on the most important ones so you may analyze competition, future market trends, new products, and educational data that can dramatically increase your sales volume.

Factors affecting the Vagus Nerve Stimulation market size and growth rate.

  • Future Vagus Nerve Stimulation Market Changes of Importance.
  • leading international rivals in the market.
  • The market’s size and product prospects for Vagus nerve stimulation.
  • areas in development having the potential for future growth.
  • Risk and difficult challenges in the market.
  • Top producers of vagus nerve stimulation is profile, along with sales data.

For more detailed information visit

Opportunities for Key Players:

Strategic actions taken by the major industry participants

Due to higher levels of R&D, the market is seeing a surge in demand for VNS devices. Additionally, the industry is growing as a result of consumer demand for novel drugs. Thus, in order to enhance business operations and profitability, the leading market players have implemented new tactics by creating new tools and machinery and working with other industry participants.

The businesses in this industry that are globally active are using cooperation as a strategy to diversify their product offerings and add cutting-edge, high-tech items that will help them grow their businesses in a variety of ways. As a result, market participants is anticipate to benefit significantly from the growing strategic initiatives by major competitors in the market.

Governmental efforts to fight neurological diseases are increasing

The financing of VNS devices is meant to promote applications that aim to create devices for different neurological conditions. New technologies should create stimulation techniques capable of improve spatiotemporal accuracy and multi-focal, closed-loop approaches to go beyond the electrical or magnetic stimulation that is currently use. Therefore, the patient would be protect and money would be save thanks to government financing. In addition, by working together with government agencies, hospitals and healthcare providers might provide this treatment at a lesser cost. Therefore, the improvements in R&D activities and government financing will present a chance for this market expansion.

 About Data Bridge Market Research:

Data Bridge Market Research established itself as a novel and esoteric market research and consulting company with an unmatched degree of resiliency and integrated strategies. For your company to success in the market, we commit to locating the finest market prospects and fostering effective information. Data Bridge aims to offer acceptable answers to difficult business problems and starts a smooth decision-making process. Data Bridge is develop and framed in Pune in 2015 as the result of pure wisdom and expertise.

Over 500 analysts at Data Bridge Market Research operate in several sectors. We have a network of more than 5000+ clients worldwide and have served to more than 40% of the Fortune 500 firms internationally. Data Bridge is skill at generating content customers who confidently rely on our services and hard work. Our astounding 99.9% client satisfaction percentage makes us happy.


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Have you received PST files on Mac from a Windows user but using Outlook for Mac email application? Looking a solution to extract emails from PST file to OLM in Mac? If yes, then continue with the article that will provide an effective MacMister PST to OLM Converter to extract emails from PST file to OLM in Mac.

It is true that PST and OLM are both Microsoft Outlook-supported file formats. But, they are compatible with different operating systems. PST is a format that is created when a Windows user export their essential mailboxes from their respective Outlook account. OLM, on the other hand, is supported by Mac Outlook. The process of extracting data from Outlook for Mac is same as Windows Outlook. Moreover, they both are known for storing the user’s data items such as emails, contacts, calendar, etc.

So, there comes a time when a Mac user unexpectedly gets stuck in a situation where they find they receive PST file from a user using Windows. Undoubtedly, Outlook for Mac has in-built option which Mac users can make use of to import PST file. But sometimes, they receive PST files in a number and importing them one-by-one will be very hectic. Therefore, many organizations look for a technique that could help them in exporting unlimited emails from PST files to a required Outlook for Mac email account at once.

Thus, don’t go anywhere else because in the next section, we are discussing a direct methodology that will proficiently extract emails from PST file to OLM in Mac OS X.

How to Extract Emails from PST file to OLM in Mac?

PST Converter for Mac is a perfect application that allows to batch export emails from PST folder to OLM on Mac operating system. The application environment is user-friendly that any user can effortlessly operate to extract emails from PST file to OLM in Mac. There will be no requirement of paid experts for accessing PST emails in OLM with the help of the tool. Users can implement the process on their own and perform PST email extract in OLM on Mac.

Moreover, the application is equipped with the three step procedure and advanced features that users can instantly apply and get the desired result in minimum time. However, you can download the trial edition quickly and experience the software conversion process for free.

Step-by-Step Process to Extract Emails from PST File to OLM in Mac

Step 1. Install and open PST to OLM Converter for Mac on Mac OS.

Step 2. Tap Add File(s) or Add Folder buttons to add required PST files or folder on the software for conversion and click on Next.

add pst files

Step 3. The selected PST mailboxes appear on the software pane with checkboxes. By ticking the necessary checkbox, users can convert selective PST files to OLM, if they want otherwise they can continue further by clicking Next.

selective pst conversion

Step 4. Choose the saving type as OLM from Select Saving Option property.

saving options

Step 5. Apply the sub-options of OLM format according to your specific requirements and start the conversion by tapping Export.


Step 6. The tool now starts the PST to OLM conversion process and the live process will appear on Live Conversion screen.

live conversion

The entire conversion will take few seconds and convert unlimited PST files to OLM at once. However, users will receive “Conversion Completed” notification after the tool successfully converted PST to OLM. Now, go to the selected location of OLM file and import it to required Outlook for Mac email account.

Procedure to Import Resultant OLM Mailboxes to Outlook for Mac

Follow the steps mentioned below and import resultant OLM mailboxes to Outlook for Mac:

Step 1. Open Outlook for Mac email application on Mac operating system.

Step 2. Click Tools and go to Import option.

Step 3. Select Outlook for Mac archive .olm file from the options appearing on Import screen.

Step 4. Locate to OLM file on the Mac and click Import.

Step 5. All OLM files will now successfully imported to required Outlook for Mac account.

Step 6. All items will appear under On My Computer on the left navigation pane in Outlook for Mac account.

Now you can open the necessary file and check the data originality. The content and formatting properties of PST emails will appear precisely after the conversion process.


In the blog, we have discussed a solution that directly extracts emails from PST file to OLM with attachments. The PST to OLM Converter for Mac is 100% verified and tested application. The tool is easy and so users can operate it on their own without asking any help from paid professionals. You can download the free demo of the tool to check the conversion process. It will allow users to extract first 25 emails from PST folder to OLM on Mac with attachments free of cost.

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Are you a Mac user with MSG files and don’t know how to make it compatible with Mac? Looking for an appropriate method to import .msg into EML file on Mac? If yes, then keep reading the article because here we have discussed a safe procedure that will help to import MSG files to EML files on Mac in just three steps without data loss.

MSG and EML are popular file formats that are known for saving crucial messages and emails of users of a specific email account. MSG is completely a Windows-based file type that is created when a user directly drag-and-drop a required email from Windows Outlook to a desktop. EML, on the other hand, is a supported file extension of multiple email accounts i.e. Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Canary Mail, Airmail, Roundcube, and more. It saves important emails and attachments of users. They both need the support of a specific program to open. However, the main difference between both of these file formats is that MSG is a format that requires Outlook for Windows and is only compatible with Windows operating system. Whereas, users can open EML files on both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Therefore, when Mac users receive MSG files from Windows users, they start searching for a migration method that could help them in accessing MSG data in a suitable file format. Now the challenge is, how to import .msg into EML file on Mac. Because Mac is a secure operating system and they cannot risk their privacy by adopting any unverified technique. Thus, here we are providing a solution that is 100% reliable and safe to download. Even, there will be no loss of data when performing the migration with the help of the solution.

How to Import .msg into EML File on Mac?

The MSG Converter for Mac is a perfect choice for every Mac user who needs a cost-effective, powerful, and reliable application for conversion. The software has a friendly and adaptive environment that any user can quickly make use of to import .msg into EML files on Mac OS. Also, there are only three operational steps in total that will save the time of users and delivers accurate output in minimum time.

Moreover, the Mac MSG Converter provides numerous features which users can apply according to their necessities and convert MSG files to EML on Mac. You can download the software free demo and check the conversion of MSG to EML for free.

Steps to Import .msg into EML File on Mac

Step 1. Run MSG to EML Converter solution on macOS.

Step 2.  Make use of dual options i.e. Add File(s) and Add Folder and add the necessary MSG files or folder on the software for conversion and click Next.


Step 3. The selected MSG files will load and appear with checkboxes. The checkbox will help users in importing selective MSG files to EML on Mac. Click Next and continue.


Step 4. Choose EML file format by clicking the Select Saving Option property.


Step 5. Apply EML sub-options as per your requirements and click on the Export button to start the import process.

Step 6. Now, cross-check MSG to EML conversion process as the import is now live that can be tracked using the Live Conversion screen as shown-


The process will take a few seconds to complete and once all files are successfully transferred to EML, users will get a “Conversion Completed” message. Click OK and check the resultant EML file by navigating to the specified destination path. Now, you can import the same into a required email client. The content will be original & precise. Even, the formatting properties such as font style, hyperlinks, images, etc. appear accurately.


The blog provided an advanced way out to import .msg to EML file on Mac. The MSG to EML Converter for Mac is a powerful, effective, and strong utility that batch imports MSG files to EML on Mac at once. You can download the software trial edition to check the operational steps of the tool. This will help you in getting the experience of the software functioning as well as its related options for free. It will allow importing first 25 MSG files to EML free of cost.

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Are you a Mac user and looking a method for how to export Apple Mail account emails to Gmail with attachments on Mac? If yes, then continue reading the section further that will discuss an amazing and time-saving procedure to effectively import Apple Mail to Gmail.

Apple Mail is an email client which is a most used and comes as a default with Mac OS X. Many Mac users and organizations have accounts in Apple Mail environment. It is programmed by Apple Inc. for operating systems such as macOS, iPadOS, iOS and watchOS. The email program was originally designed by NeXT and it was a part of NeXTSTEP operating system. The current Apple Mail version make use of SMTP to send messages. POP3, Exchange and IMAP to retrieve messages and S/MIME to encrypt end-to-end messages. However, the most powerful feature that users will get in Apple Mail is configuration of the software for receiving all of user’s email accounts in a single list. There are many more other similar features which makes the email app very impressive and demanding

But, nowadays, many of them are switching to Google Mail and there are numerous reasons behind this. Gmail is a free webmail service and with every update, it is enhancing its quality and features that is attracting users across the globe. The productivity tools, cloud drive and GUI are the highlights of Google Mail account. They have simplified the work for large organizations by helping them out in managing their large database in a single environment.

Some Popular Features of Gmail are:

  • Automatic Email Filtering and Categories
  • Smart Reply and Smart Compose
  • Intelligent and Writing Search Suggestions
  • Email Nudges and high-priority Notices
  • Finding and managing trips in Gmail
  • Offline Maps available that ease the travel
  • Google Drive for uploading essential docs
  • Large storage space to store large database
  • Intuitive and manageable user-interface
  • Meets and Hangouts for Live Meetings and Chats

Gmail is a feature-rich webmail service which can only be experienced and cannot be described much through words. Therefore, day-by-day people are moving from Apple Mail to Gmail. However, the transfer of account from one email platform to another is not complex. But, what challenging is how to move the data stored of a previous email account into a new one. So, keep reading because in the next section we are discussing the procedure to export Apple Mail to Gmail on Mac.

How to Export Apple Mail to Gmail on Mac?

Apple Mail Converter for Mac is a solution which is reliable and highly secure. It is recommended by experts that guarantees quick and precise migration on Mac. The GUI of the tool is very intuitive and easily adaptable. Any user can handle the software without needing any help and export Apple Mail emails to Gmail with attachments effortlessly. Even, the app has a batch mode functionality using which one will be able to save time by exporting unlimited Apple Mail mailboxes into Gmail at once.

The software possesses numerous features which help users in exporting Apple Mail emails to Gmail according to their requirements. However, one can download the freeware version to understand the migration process for free.

Steps to Export Apple Mail Account Emails to Gmail

Step 1. Download and open Apple Mail to Gmail Tool on Mac.

Step 2. Choose the necessary option to load Apple Mail mailboxes and click on Next.

add Apple Mail files

Step 3. Tool will extract Apple Mail folder and list all the associated files on the software. Click Next.

selective conversion

Step 4. Select the Gmail option by clicking Select Saving Option.

saving option

Step 5. Enter the Google Mail account credentials i.e. Email ID and App Password. And, then click on Export button.

Step 6. Apple Mail to Gmail Migration Process is Now Live. Users can track the count of Apple Mail files that are transferred and that are left using the window as shown-

conversion process

The process will successfully move each and every Apple Mail file to Gmail and the termination will be confirmed through a pop-up showing “Conversion Completed” on the screen. Now, go to Gmail account to check the resultant data. The accuracy and originality of Apple Mail files will remain safe during the process.

Final Thoughts

The blog has explained the exceptional process for exporting Apple Mail account emails to Gmail with attachments on Mac. The MacMister Apple Mail Converter for Mac has a fast processing and three simple operational steps with easy to use GUI that is accessible by all types of users. Download the free software version quickly and experience the working steps by exporting first 25 Apple Mail emails to Gmail with attachments for free.

For more related posts, visit –

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