Laughter is the best medicine, and what better way to inject a dose of humor into your everyday life than with funny thongs for women? These quirky and playful undergarments are a fantastic way to add a touch of humor to your wardrobe while keeping comfort and style in mind. In this article, we’ll explore some delightful options for funny thongs for women, providing you with a little chuckle and a whole lot of comfort.

  • Punny Prints: One of the most popular choices when it comes to funny thongs for women is the use of punny prints. From playful fruit designs like watermelons and strawberries to quirky animal patterns, these thongs can bring a smile to your face before you’ve even had your morning coffee. It’s a fantastic conversation starter, and you’ll feel like you’re in on a fun little secret as you go about your day.
  • Wordplay Wonders: Wordplay is another way to infuse humor into your undergarment collection. Thongs adorned with witty one-liners, cheeky sayings, or hilarious slogans are a clever and amusing choice. Whether it’s “I’m on a roll,” “Warning: May Cause Laughter,” or even a play on words involving “cheeks,” these thongs will keep you grinning from ear to ear.
  • Cartoon Characters: For the women who have a soft spot for animated characters, there are funny thongs featuring beloved cartoons or characters. From classic Disney princesses in comical situations to iconic superheroes in humorous poses, these thongs will take you back to your childhood while adding a touch of nostalgia to your daily routine.

Comfort and Style: While humor is the star of the show when it comes to funny thongs for women, comfort and style are equally important. These undergarments are made from soft, breathable materials that ensure all-day comfort. Additionally, they come in a variety of styles, including low-rise, high-rise, lace, and seamless options, so you can choose the one that best suits your preferences.

Where to Find Them: You can find funny thongs for women at various retailers, both in-store and online. Shopping online offers a wider selection and the convenience of browsing from the comfort of your own home. Popular e-commerce websites and specialty lingerie stores often carry a range of these humorous undergarments.

In Conclusion: Adding some humor to your wardrobe can brighten your day and the days of those lucky enough to catch a glimpse of your funny thongs for women. From punny prints and wordplay wonders to beloved cartoon characters, these undergarments provide a unique and playful twist on everyday essentials. Remember, a good laugh can go a long way, so why not start your day with a smile and a chuckle, courtesy of your humorous thong collection?

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Many of us have admired a Bape Shark Hoodie at one point in our lives, and occasionally, we might even consider buying one! Today we’ll take on the most intimidating part of the Bape purchasing process: Reviewing for Size.

What is a Bape Hoodie?

A Bape Shark Hoodie is a pullover hoodie with a shark design on the front. “Bape” is an abbreviation for “A Bathing Ape,” a Japanese streetwear brand. The company was founded in 1993, and its designs are often associated with hip-hop culture.

The Bape Shark Hoodie typically has a green camo print background with a white shark design on the front. The hoodie also has two front pockets and an adjustable drawstring hood. It is made from 100% cotton material and is machine-washable.

The Bape Shark Hoodie first gained popularity in the early 2000s as part of the “urban streetwear” trend. The hoodie has become popular among millennials in recent years as a fashion statement. Many celebrities, including rappers Jay-Z and Drake, have been wearing hoodies.

If you want to make a bold fashion statement or stay warm and comfortable, consider investing in a Bape Shark Hoodie!

Types of Bape Hoodies

Bape hoodies come in various styles, each with a unique look. The classic shark hoodie is the most popular Bape hoodie, which features a large shark graphic on the front. Other popular styles include the camo hoodie, which is perfect for those who want to blend in with their surroundings, and the solid-color hoodie, which is a great choice for those who want a more understated look.

How To Fit A Bape Hoodie

Assuming you’re starting with a Bape Shark Hoodie that’s too big: 

  1. Start by putting the hoodie on inside out.
  2. Next, use a fabric marker to draw lines where you want the hoodie to fit better. Make sure not to make the lines too close to the edge of the fabric, or else they’ll be visible after you’ve sewed the hoodie.
  3. Once your lines are drawn, cut along them with sharp scissors. Be extra careful not to cut too much off– it’s better to err safe and get a hoodie that’s still a bit too big than one that’s too small.
  4. Now sew along the newly cut lines. Alternatively, you can take it to someone who does know how to sew and have them do it for you.
  5. Finally, try on your hoodie and see how it fits! If it’s still not right, you can always make more adjustments as needed.

Where To Get A Bape Hoodie For The Lowest Price Possible

You can get a Bape Shark hoodie for the lowest price possible. The first place to check is online retailers such as Amazon or eBay. On these websites, you can often find Bape Shark hoodies for considerably less than the retail price.

It’s worth checking out a few different stores in your area to see what prices they offer on Bape Shark hoodies. Another option is to check out physical stores such as consignment shops or thrift stores. These stores typically sell items for much less than the original retail price.

Finally, if you know someone who owns a Bape Shark hoodie, you may get a good deal by buying it from them directly. Many people are willing to sell their Bape Shark hoodies for much less than the retail price if they no longer want or need them. Keep an eye out for people selling Bape Shark hoodies on classified websites or social media platforms such as Facebook Marketplace.

Tips for Fitting a Bape Shark Hoodie

Assuming you have a Bape Shark Hoodie in hand, here are some tips to get the perfect fit:

  1. First and foremost, ensure the hoodie is zipped up. The Bape Shark Hoodie has a unique zip design that can be easily overlooked. Zipping it up will help create a streamlined look.
  2. Secondly, check the length of the sleeves. They should not be too short or too long – just right! Rolling them up slightly can also create a more fitted look.
  3. When it comes to the bottom hem, ensure it hits your hips or slightly below. Again, avoid going too short or too long – you want a flattering, fitted look.
  4. Finally, take a close look at the hood itself. Make sure it frames your face nicely and doesn’t overwhelm your head/hairstyle.

Bape’s shark hoodie is one of the most popular pieces from the streetwear brand, and it’s not hard to see why. The oversized hood and graphic print make it a stand-out piece that can easily elevate any outfit. If you’re looking to add a Bape shark hoodie to your collection, follow our complete guide on how to fit one so that you end up with the perfect size.


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ski socks

If you’re considering purchasing merino wool ski socks, you should know that they aren’t the same as your regular hiking socks. They are generally heavier and bulkier because they’re made with extra cushioning to help protect your feet from hard surfaces. The good news is that these socks can stand up to washing without losing their shape or becoming misshapen—but if you don’t wash them correctly, you might ruin them! Here are five ways to wash merino wool ski socks that have worked well for me.

Machine Washing

Wool is a natural fiber, so it’s important not to use any soap with harsh chemicals or detergents that could strip the fibers of their natural oils. For machine washing, fill your machine with cold water and add a small amount of Woolite or other natural soap. Use the gentle cycle and then rinse them in cold water. If you have particularly smelly wool items, add a small amount of baking soda before washing them for an added odor-fighting boost.

Hand Washing

Washing your wool hiking socks by hand is the easiest way. Soak them in lukewarm water and a mild detergent for 20 minutes, then scrub gently with a soft brush. Rinse well and lay out flat on a towel to dry.

Drying Methods

Hiking socks are often made from a blend of nylon and acrylic, which means they can be machine-washed in cold water. Drying them will depend on the type of sock you have. If your sock is made from a blend of nylon and acrylic, it’s best to air dry them as tumble drying may cause shrinkage. For other hiking socks, you can either air or machine-dry them.

Preventing Pilling and Sock Slippage

One of the most common problems with 100% merino wool ski socks is piling on the heel and toes. 

  • This can be reduced by following these steps:
  • Hand washing in lukewarm water with a gentle soap bar, such as Woolite.
  • Rinse in cool water, then squeeze out excess moisture.
  • Roll up the sock and gently stretch it lengthwise until it’s about two inches wide.
  • Lay the sock flat on a towel and cover it with another towel so that you are stretching it widthwise at this point. – Gently massage the sock until most excess moisture is removed from it while maintaining its shape.
  • Air dry flat or hang to dry (a clothesline works well).

Storing Socks

It’s important to store your socks properly so they last longer. This means putting them in a drawer or hanging them up on hangers, not on the floor or in a pile! You’ll want to remove any excess dirt and debris from the soles of your shoes before placing them in your sock drawer. The best way to do this is by taking off each shoe and holding it upside-down while shaking out the dirt. If you need help getting all that stuff out of there, try using a vacuum cleaner attachment (without the hose).

How often should you wash Merino wool socks?

Merino wool is a natural fiber with high-performance properties. It’s also soft and warm, which makes it a perfect material for ski socks. However, this doesn’t mean you can throw them in the washing machine with your regular load of laundry. To keep your Merino wool ski socks looking and feeling great for longer periods, you’ll want to take extra care when washing them. The frequency at which you wash your Merino wool golf shoes will depend on what activities they’re exposed to. For example, if you wear them every day or get sweaty after just one use, it’s probably best to wash them every day or two at most.

Can Merino wool be washed and dried?

Merino wool can be washed, but it cannot be dried in a dryer. Wool needs to be handled with care because it’s delicate and expensive, and you don’t want to ruin your investment. You’ll need to handwash your garments if they’re made of Merino wool. Fill up the sink with cold water and add soap.

Swish the garment around in the soapy water for about a minute before you let it soak for another five minutes or so. Drain the sink and fill it with cold water only, then gently squeeze out some excess water from your garment before running it under cool tap water for a few seconds.


The best way to clean Merino wool is by washing it with non-detergent soap and water. Soak the item in cool or lukewarm water and add enough soap to create a soapy lather. Gently rub the suds into the fabric using your fingers. Rinse with cool or lukewarm water until all of the soap is removed from the material. Squeeze out excess water and allow the item to dry flat on a towel before storing it away from other items, which could cause odor contamination.

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Wear for an Indian Wedding

In deciding on Wear for an Indian Wedding attire Color is an essential aspect to consider. “The most important aspect of dressing guidelines to wear for weddings in the country is that guests at an Indian wedding ceremony that you wear a color,” says Shawna Gohel who is the editor-in-chief for Maharani Weddings. “Bright vibrant colors are always fashionable to Ethnic wear for an Indian wedding, no matter the time of year or location. We favor sticking to pastels during the day, and jewel tones in the evening,” she advises.

You Must Try These On Your Next Wedding Party

Lehengas and sarees can be the most commonly worn choices for women. Lehengas are a two-piece outfit that consists of the top (usually cut shorter) and a long high-waisted, high-waisted dress. A saree can be described as a long strip of material, typically composed of silk, and worn all around your body. The men are advised to dress in a sherwani which is a coat-like top. “Traditional weddings can be divided into various categories and regions of India,” says Patel. “Say that if your family comes located in the west region of India and they wear distinct attire that ladies wear. It is typically wearing a saree. If they’re residents of the province of Punjab it is the case that they wear Punjabi suits (three-piece ensembles well as a lehenga. South Indian wedding guests typically wear a dress called a saree.”

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What should you wear to different Ceremonies?

In general traditional Indian weddings run for three days. The first day will include the traditional Ganesha Pooja, a Hindu ceremony held at home with family and close friends. The second day is reserved for the sangeet (or Mehendi ceremony) which is where the groom and bride are with their family and friends to dance the night away and celebrate. It is usually when the bride is henna-doped with tattoos carved on her feet and hands. The wedding ceremony is held early in the morning on the third day and will be later followed by a reception later in the evening.

Naturally, with the increasing popularity of marriages with a fusion theme couples are putting their twist on tradition. Wear for an Indian Wedding can incorporate all of these rituals or just certain aspects. However, in general, guests must dress in formal attire for every ceremony they are invited to. “You will notice that as celebrations progress through the week that they get more and more extravagant,” Gohel explains. “You should expect your attire to be in line with the same style and you should save your most formal outfit to wear for your reception.”

It is essential to dress conservatively, particularly during religious ceremonies. “Depending on the kind of religious wedding you’re attending the dress code may differ,” she says. “Some ceremonies will require you to cover your shoulders, and perhaps your head, while others do not. The more traditional place of the ceremony–whether it’s the temple or mosque–the more formal your dress codes.”

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Where to Buy Indian Wedding Guest Dress

Finding traditional wedding dresses is typically a simple task to find local boutiques. To get motivated, it’s best to begin online. “Instagram is a fantastic way to find different brand names,” designer Sunaina Khera says. “A tiny amount of research is a good idea before shopping. You’ll become familiar with brand names, their designs, and prices. After that, you’ll be able to go out and shop.”

Then, Gohel recommends that guests visit local shops for a chance to try on clothes before buying. “Most big cities have a Little India where you can purchase jewelry, clothing, as well as other Indian accessories such as bindis” she recommends. “Online there are plenty of options, however, two reliable names that we would recommend would be Royal Indian Closet and Maneka’s Closet.”

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Indian Wedding Guest Dress Code for Ladies

From traditional lehengas to vibrant jumpsuits, we’ve identified the top Wear for Indian Wedding attire for female guests. Find our top selections below.

Saris and Things Belle of the Ball Fashionable Crop Top Style Lehenga in Grey and Gold

Saris and Things grey and gold lehenga crop top as well as Maxi skirts for guests at weddings.

If you’re looking forward to embracing the traditional Indian tradition, you should consider wearing a lehenga. This dazzling gray crop top and lehenga set is an elegant option for a reception, cocktail, or sangeet event. The grey-colored top with embellishments complements the long silk skirt that is decorated with sparkling gold accents.

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A kimono is a must-have garment in your spring-to-summer wardrobe if you love creating a put-together and stylish look with complementary layering and just minimal effort. And when teamed with your favourite pair of women’s jeans, a kimono outfit accentuates your personal style in a classic yet trendy way.  

Women’s kimonos can be turned into one of the most flattering and chic outfits when you wear them with different garments, particularly jeans. Women’s jeans are every lady’s wardrobe staple, and we cannot think of spending a day without wearing one. So, what about incorporating your jeans with a kimono that would result in a trendy yet stylish outfit you can ever think of? 

But how can they look gorgeous together? Are there some popular outfit combos of jeans and kimonos? 

The key here is playing with different jeans and kimono styles and hues to get the perfect outfit options. But no worries if you are still unsure about kimonos and jeans styling, We’ve got you!

Here we’ve broken down some of the best-looking kimono and jeans attires!

Wearing a Kimono with Jeans: Most Flattering Outfit Ideas!

Faded Jeans and Block Printed Kimonos!

Nothing speaks of a casual yet chic outfit better than a white tee, a patterned kimono, and faded light blue jeans. You can choose from intricate, all-over prints or more basic repeated patterns to achieve that casual chic look. We recommend you choose a reversible kimono in white and blue with pockets on both sides for added convenience. 

If you are puzzled about footwear styling to complement your jeans and kimono outfit, say yes to a classic pair of white sneakers for a dressed-down appearance. A pair of black high heels work great as a dressed-up look. Either way, it’s a win-win game.

Pairing a Black Kimono with Jeans!

Are you Team BLACK or Team PINK?

Team PINK? Kindly skip this part. Team black? Get ready for the magical look.

As you love wearing black, select a black kimono and team it with a black bodysuit and your favourite pair of black jeans. This all-black outfit will have your heart. 

You can don the same look on chilly evenings by swapping the black bodysuit with a black turtleneck for added warmth. 

Styling Your Jeans With A Kimono for a Special Occasion!

If you hear someone saying that a kimono is just a laid-back attire, change their perception by styling your kimono elegantly for a special occasion!

Choose dark jeans and throw on a kimono over it for an occasion-worthy dressy look. Whenever you plan to style a kimono as formalwear, make sure to choose fine, rich, and premium quality fabrics like silk and darker colours like maroon, navy, dark green, dark purple, plum, deep emerald green, and other colours. You can also choose a white sheer kimono and pair it with vibrant jeans and other colourful garments. 

Style A Kimono like a Celebrity!

Is there any need left to put on a jacket when you have a kimono? Definitely not!

Celebs like Beyonce and Kendal Jenner are known to wear kimonos with distressed denim jeans effortlessly on more than one event. You can create a fashionable look like these celebs by pairing a printed kimono with cropped blue jeans and a pair of stilettos. 

These are the most flattering outfit ideas for styling a kimono with jeans. The key is to experiment with colours, patterns, and fabrics. 

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