Wear for an Indian Wedding

In deciding on Wear for an Indian Wedding attire Color is an essential aspect to consider. “The most important aspect of dressing guidelines to wear for weddings in the country is that guests at an Indian wedding ceremony that you wear a color,” says Shawna Gohel who is the editor-in-chief for Maharani Weddings. “Bright vibrant colors are always fashionable to Ethnic wear for an Indian wedding, no matter the time of year or location. We favor sticking to pastels during the day, and jewel tones in the evening,” she advises.

You Must Try These On Your Next Wedding Party

Lehengas and sarees can be the most commonly worn choices for women. Lehengas are a two-piece outfit that consists of the top (usually cut shorter) and a long high-waisted, high-waisted dress. A saree can be described as a long strip of material, typically composed of silk, and worn all around your body. The men are advised to dress in a sherwani which is a coat-like top. “Traditional weddings can be divided into various categories and regions of India,” says Patel. “Say that if your family comes located in the west region of India and they wear distinct attire that ladies wear. It is typically wearing a saree. If they’re residents of the province of Punjab it is the case that they wear Punjabi suits (three-piece ensembles well as a lehenga. South Indian wedding guests typically wear a dress called a saree.”

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What should you wear to different Ceremonies?

In general traditional Indian weddings run for three days. The first day will include the traditional Ganesha Pooja, a Hindu ceremony held at home with family and close friends. The second day is reserved for the sangeet (or Mehendi ceremony) which is where the groom and bride are with their family and friends to dance the night away and celebrate. It is usually when the bride is henna-doped with tattoos carved on her feet and hands. The wedding ceremony is held early in the morning on the third day and will be later followed by a reception later in the evening.

Naturally, with the increasing popularity of marriages with a fusion theme couples are putting their twist on tradition. Wear for an Indian Wedding can incorporate all of these rituals or just certain aspects. However, in general, guests must dress in formal attire for every ceremony they are invited to. “You will notice that as celebrations progress through the week that they get more and more extravagant,” Gohel explains. “You should expect your attire to be in line with the same style and you should save your most formal outfit to wear for your reception.”

It is essential to dress conservatively, particularly during religious ceremonies. “Depending on the kind of religious wedding you’re attending the dress code may differ,” she says. “Some ceremonies will require you to cover your shoulders, and perhaps your head, while others do not. The more traditional place of the ceremony–whether it’s the temple or mosque–the more formal your dress codes.”

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Where to Buy Indian Wedding Guest Dress

Finding traditional wedding dresses is typically a simple task to find local boutiques. To get motivated, it’s best to begin online. “Instagram is a fantastic way to find different brand names,” designer Sunaina Khera says. “A tiny amount of research is a good idea before shopping. You’ll become familiar with brand names, their designs, and prices. After that, you’ll be able to go out and shop.”

Then, Gohel recommends that guests visit local shops for a chance to try on clothes before buying. “Most big cities have a Little India where you can purchase jewelry, clothing, as well as other Indian accessories such as bindis” she recommends. “Online there are plenty of options, however, two reliable names that we would recommend would be Royal Indian Closet and Maneka’s Closet.”

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Indian Wedding Guest Dress Code for Ladies

From traditional lehengas to vibrant jumpsuits, we’ve identified the top Wear for Indian Wedding attire for female guests. Find our top selections below.

Saris and Things Belle of the Ball Fashionable Crop Top Style Lehenga in Grey and Gold

Saris and Things grey and gold lehenga crop top as well as Maxi skirts for guests at weddings.

If you’re looking forward to embracing the traditional Indian tradition, you should consider wearing a lehenga. This dazzling gray crop top and lehenga set is an elegant option for a reception, cocktail, or sangeet event. The grey-colored top with embellishments complements the long silk skirt that is decorated with sparkling gold accents.

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