Many people keep their private data on Microsoft Outlook. However, I must inform you that MS Outlook employs the PST file format. Some users safeguard the file by setting up a complicated password, but paradoxically, they occasionally forget it. I will now describe the several approaches you may use to delete the password from the PST file.


Today, most users use passwords to secure their PST files, therefore now is the perfect moment to discuss the different options because it’s conceivable that the PST file becomes corrupted as a result of frequent password mistakes.

Therefore, try the methods I’m about to provide you before making random efforts to unlock PST files. You should not worry about any damage being done as a result of these techniques, however, I understand that you may wonder if you will still be able to retrieve your PST file.

Don’t worry; the solutions are here.

How to Open PST File that is Password Protected?

There are three manual methods—two of them time-consuming—to unlock password protected PST file. The third is a shortcut.

Password removal for PST through Outlook 2010

1. Open Microsoft Outlook on your PC.
2. Click on Info under the File Tab, followed by Account Settings.

3. A window for account settings will appear.
4. Select the PST file’s path by clicking on Data Files. Next, select Settings.

5. A window for the Outlook Data File will appear. Then select Change Password.

You just need to input the new password at this point to unlock the PST file that has been password-protected. You may look at the file’s emails, contacts, attachments, calendars, and other contents.

Using pst19upg.exe, remove the password from the PST file

Microsoft offers a free tool called pst19upg.exe that may be used to crack PST file passwords. You may begin the password recovery procedure by downloading it from the internet.

Shut off MS Outlook on your computer.
● Find the location of scanpst.exe on your computer, which is often C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MAPI\\scanpst.exe
● Open it, then select Repair.

Note*: Create a backup of the PST file before beginning this process.

● Now Click the CMD Prompt icon or click Window + R.
● In the CMD Prompt, browse the PST file’s path.
● Your PST file name XYZ will be used to create a new PST file with the name psx.
● Give the new PST the old PST name.
● In the Command Prompt, type exe-newfilename.psx and press Enter.

The PST password will be deleted from the PST file after the entire process is finished. Now fix the freshly produced PST file by running scanpst.exe. Run the file through MS Outlook to see if it is secure.

The Drawbacks of pst19upg.exe

The fact that this program may only be used with MS Outlook 2002 and older versions is its main flaw. This program cannot be used to erase passwords from PST files if the user has Outlook 2003 or later versions. This method does not work with the Unicode format; it only works with ANSI code in PST format.

Therefore, the issue of what to do next to unlock a PST file emerges. I’ll now explain the best approach to remove the passcode from an Outlook PST file.

Automated Solution To Remove Password of Outlook PST file

An efficient program that can erase any form of password from the PST file is Softaken Outlook PST Password Removal. When a password is complicatedly made up using alphanumeric combinations, this program may also delete them. To restore the PST file, all you have to do is upload it and select recover. Don’t worry if your file is in ANSI format; this program is compatible with both ANSI and Unicode PST file types.

Key Features of Outlook PST Password Remover

● In a real application, it is straightforward.
● unlocking PST files with flexibility.
● Outlook PST files that have been password-protected can be restored.
● All of Outlook’s editions are simple to use.
● a substantial degree of Windows compatibility.
● Demonstration of software functioning.
● It is easy to work with ANSI & UNICODE PST files.
● Passwords for PST file formats should be deleted.
● PST password recovery quickly.
● Outlook PST file password recovery in bulk.
● PST file transfer is cleared.
● the location where user-specified output files are kept.

Steps to Recovering PST password-

1. Install and start the program.

2. It is necessary to activate the PST Password Removal Tool.

3. Select Browse PST file or folder to add PST files to the program’s interface.

4. Choose Reset or Remove Password from the options.

5. Create a new password for yourself


Before purchasing the licensed version, download the demo version of Softaken PST Password Recovery tool to give it a try.

Important features of PST Password Remover

Different software
Without installing Microsoft Outlook, Outlook PST Password Remover can remove PST passwords and restore password-protected files. Even without MS Outlook, you can securely password-protect your emails.
Quick Recover
The clever application can retrieve password protected Outlook files in bulk. This means that a number of the PST files you’ve selected may be suitable for the password removal option. Using this function, bulk recovery is feasible and time is saved.
Finding a tricky PST password
Even when the passwords are lengthy or multilingual, Outlook PST Password Recovery can recover PST files. The length of the password is not taken into account. It unlocks locked emails and successfully cracks PST passwords of any length.
Delete outdated passwords
It is challenging to recall outdated passwords. However, the program does allow you to delete outdated passwords. Choose PST files that have passwords that have expired, then allow the program to do its work. The program quickly unlocks PST files and eliminates expired passwords.
Outstanding compatibility
The program is compatible with every version of Outlook, including Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and the most recent version, Outlook 2019. The application offers strong support for Windows 32 and 64-bit. Every Windows OS version is continually supported by the software.
No cost download
Please provide the tool right away. Anyone considering purchasing the product may try it out without having to pay for it thanks to its free version. As a consequence, the user will find it easier to assess each utility function.


Now that I’ve explained the numerous methods for unlocking PST file, it’s time for me to wrap up this essay. If you want a shortcut to change password from PST file since the manual procedures are so time-consuming, you can just download the program. You are free to decide how to proceed; do so at your convenience.

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