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Many applicants think that practice exams are pointless wastes of time that they could use to prepare for other subjects. However, many top performers and experts agree that the mock test series can help you better comprehend the JEE Mains exam format and boost your confidence.

Here are eight justifications for why you should take JEE mock tests seriously.

Why Should You Take Mock Test Series Seriously?

You must thoroughly understand the JEE Mains exam syllabus and topics if you hope to enrol in one of India’s top engineering colleges or if you want to attend the IITs, NITs, or any other top institutions. To succeed in this exam, many applicants begin their preparation in the first weeks of Class 11 or 12.

In a short amount of time, you can also succeed in the JEE Mains exam. But in order to do this, you must combine your laborious efforts with clever planning and preparation. And solving practice exam questions is a crucial part of JEE Mains preparation. 

You must realise that taking this step will help you get closer to realising your ambition. It is a necessary and crucial step. The top five justifications for appreciating the value of practice tests in JEE preparation are provided below.

To Know The Updated Syllabus And Revised Exam Pattern

Aspirants must have a thorough understanding of the JEE Mains syllabus and exam pattern before applying to any entrance exam, be it a national level exam or a state level exam. You can fully understand the amount of questions that will be on test papers, their level of difficulty, the topical marking schemes, the significant themes, the kind of questions that will be on the exam paper, and many other crucial exam paper-related details with the use of mock exams. JEE Main Previous Year Question Paper

You can learn more about all the following topics by using practice tests. By working through practice exams, you can obtain a good indication of how many theoretical, analytical, and numerical problems will be on the exam.

To Practice More And More

The only thing that will get you closer to your goal is practice. The purpose of JEE Mains Mock Papers is to give candidates a complete understanding of the concepts and subjects. They give you the chance to quickly increase your preparation for the exam. You can practise topics until you master them with the aid of practice exams.

Experts design fake papers. And using practice tests to prepare for the JEE exam is the best course of action. These papers assist you in formulating a precise approach to each issue. You can learn problem-solving, speed, precision, and pressure-handling skills by practising sufficiently. Increasing your practice will also help you feel less anxious and more confident throughout the exam.

To Self Evaluation

The greatest method for identifying your strengths and weaknesses is through self-evaluation or self-analysis. With the aid of JEE mains Mock Papers, you will be able to evaluate your skills. And if you’re not happy with your preparations, you can work more with the aid of practice exams.

To pass the JEE Mains exam, you must do more than just answer the questions within the allotted time. Correct responses to the questions are required. You can improve your accuracy and speed during the exam by using practice questions. They will give you the chance to assess your mistakes and determine whether your answer is correct and, if so, why. Conversely, if your answer is erroneous, you can determine why.

To Learn Time Management

A key component of the JEE Mains exam is time management. Time management is the secret to passing the JEE exam. 90 questions must be answered in three hours. It’s not a simple task. However, practise exams teach you time management techniques that speed up your response time to questions.

You increase your chances of finishing the question paper in a set amount of time by completing more and more practice tests. You can answer questions more quickly and develop problem-solving skills by repeatedly practising mock exams.

For Mistakes Learning

The greatest strategy to ensure exam accuracy is to complete practice exams. They enable candidates to strategically fix their flaws and limitations. You have a greater chance to improve the more mock exams you complete.

The greatest way to improve your chances of success and enrol in the top engineering colleges is to pass practice exams. You can identify your errors on exam papers and learn where your preparations are weak by using practice exams. With the use of practice exams, you might also pick up new ways to approach problems.


Aspirants overcome their initial dread, worry, and uneasiness after taking 10 to 12 practice exams; this helps them remain composed on test day and prevents their nerves from impairing their ability to concentrate. As they say, “If you face your worries every day, eventually they stop making you afraid.” Mock exams provide this exact purpose for you!

These are only a handful of the many factors that make JEE practise exams essential for all students wishing to become engineers. National Testing Agency offers convenient access to JEE mock examinations as well as many other competitive exams. Being better prepared for the challenge is frequently all it takes to make-it or break-it in a world where everyone is working hard and the competition is strong!

Develop Winning Strategy

A successful candidate adds the proper kind of approach to his preparation. You will gain an understanding of how to try the paper by taking mock exams. You’ll know how to approach the test, which questions to address first, and which subjects will result in points. Whether you should look at all the questions first and try the simple ones, or whether you should start answering the questions from the beginning to the conclusion. As a result, on exam day, this preparation will make perfect sense, and you will proceed according to plan. A wise candidate never copies others’ plans; instead, they develop their own.

Preparing for the Worst Exam Situation

There are a hundred different ways that an exam as a student could go wrong. You can only prepare for the worst by doing so. By taking practice exams, you get the chance to experience these situations in advance and learn how to handle them. For instance, if the exam’s questions are very challenging and you start to feel apprehensive, you won’t be able to give it your all.

However, if that occurs on a practice test, you will discover when you talk to your friends about it after the test that everyone had the same issue. Since everyone will be taking the same exam in JEE Main 2020, you can remain collected and serene without worrying about the exam’s level of difficulty.


While there are other factors that can help you pass the JEE Mains test in 2022, Mock Papers are a crucial item to keep in mind. Mock exams allow you to review the material quickly and evaluate your performance. You have the best chance to practise the subjects and questions with them.

Experts and top performers always urge students to do practice exams to gauge their degree of preparedness. Additionally, you will be able to develop a variety of abilities, including problem-solving, time management, accuracy, and speed. You can also identify your strong and weak aspects with the use of mock papers.

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