6 Fantastic Tips for Extending the Life of Your Botox and Dysport

by Sam Dilan
Botox Treatment

Aging is not a medical condition that can be cured permanently but it’s a natural phenomenon. You can stop it but you can slow down the process to look younger and more beautiful. Science has given a range of medical treatments to enhance the body and facial features botox or Dysport is one of them.

You might have heard before that botox works magic on your skin but what is it actually? It’s basically a drug that slows down the muscles that cause wrinkles on your skin when you age. It’s not a necessity to go for botox but you can use skin care products. But why people prefer it is because it works faster and better than topical products. If you are planning to go for botox, must visit Soleil Health and Wellness as they are professionals serving patients with sage aesthetic treatments. 

Botox is not a permanent solution but you can make it last longer by following the suggested tips we have shared below.

Taking Care of Yourself is a Must

When you undergo any medical treatment whether it’s surgical or non-surgical, you have to prepare well before the procedure and the same goes with botox. You have to prepare for your botox to get desired results and minimize the risk factors. You must quit smoking and drinking at least a week before your appointment as these activities might delay skin healing procedures.

When injecting botox, there are chances of minor injuries or bruises so it’s advisable for professionals to take healing supplements such as arnica and bromelain. You can ask for a healthcare expert to prescribe you bruise healing supplements that work well for you. It’s not evident that you get bruises after the treatment but there are possibilities if your skin is sensitive. In fact, if possible try to work out before your appointment and go bare-face without any makeup on.

Stop Being Overstressed

Stress is a root cause of a lot of internal and external issues and mental issues too. Stress radiates negative vibes and poses harmful effects on your physical well-being. Being stressed for a longer period releases a hormone called cortisol that overproduces oil from your skin glands. When your skin gets too much oil, the chances of getting acne and pimples increase and it causes other skin issues as well. So, try to stay positive and don’t take stress as it might create hindrances in your botox treatments. 

Many people are habitual of taking stress or overthinking which is not a healthy habit so try to calm down yourself with yoga or meditation. If you overthink, engage yourself in meaningful activities.

Don’t Go for Botox Frequently

Professional advice to take botox treatments on time however, it’s not recommended to undergo botox treatment too frequently. As described earlier, botox is a sort of drug therefore, injecting botox frequently or after a shorter span of time might develop antibodies in your body. Frequent injections might make you prone to scarring while damaging your muscles which is also a serious medical condition in itself. 

In fact, a higher dose or too many botox injections will make your muscles resistant to drugs therefore, it’s crucial to hire a professional and well-versed expert who knows how much quantity would be effective for you. It’s not that you are going to face some severe medical condition after taking botox but prevention is better than cure. If you feel the urge to take more botox sessions than the prescribed ones make sure to consult with your dermatologist.

Don’t Skip Exercise

Keeping your body in shape is important for a range of reasons. Being physically fit, you can adjust in any dress or pull off your style game with zero to minimal effort while staying healthy. Doing exercise regularly prolongs the durability of botox. Understanding the role of exercise for the better results of botox is simple. Exercise reduces stress while balancing your mental wellness because you focus on your workout and fitness regime. It also boosts nutrients and oxygen and makes your skin glow. 

All these factors collectively help you to look younger by making you relaxed and radiant while increasing the benefits of botox injections. 

Avoid Using Harsh Skincare Products

Using skin care products is normal for everyone as such products clean your skin deeply while rejuvenating the skin. It’s a very common approach that people think of using skin care products alongside botox to double the results but professionals do not recommend it. 

Applying harsh or abrasive skin care products such as cleaners, scrubs, and exfoliators can cause allergies or redness on your skin. In fact, professionals advise you to stop using such products for a week after you are done with your botox appointment. Such skin care products include chemicals and other substances that might react when coming in contact with botox. These products eventually cause disruption for botox to work effectively on your face or the area you have injected it. Not just that, fillers are meant to stay on the area you have injected them; however, skincare essentials let the botox move to another area too, causing trouble inside out on your skin.

Pay Attention to Your Diet

Just like exercise is important whether you take botox or not, similarly, consuming a healthy diet is of great importance. Your face reflects what you eat therefore, eating healthy must be added to your routine to look glowy and radiant. It’s not that eating what you have read on the internet will make you achieve desirable results. When you are planning to have botox, a little mistake in your eating habit or fitness regime can cost you a lot. For instance, a major reduction in your body fat especially on your face can slow down the effect of botox. Therefore, consulting with your dermatologist or professional is a must.

For a healthy body or better botox result, you should stop eating junk food, packaged and processed food as these meals contain unhealthy substances. Reduce your sugar intake, and eliminate the use of nicotine from your daily routine.

Is It Worth It?

Botox has a magical effect if you pay attention to what your dermatologist recommends to you. For prolonged and unbelievable results, choose the aesthetic clinic attentively such as Soleil Health and Wellness.

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