6 Best Places in Portland

by Pshira

Never, never, never change, Portland. PDX is willing to accept and embrace change, but it always happens in a way that is of this wonderful Pacific Northwest city. Portland is only Portland, and we adore you for it.

The best things to do in Portland are quirky and one-of-a-kind but don’t think it’s all gimmickry and has no substance. Quite the contrary, and the city’s food trucks, craft breweries, and restaurants prove a dedication to quality and craft that, to be honest, should be the norm. Rent a bike and explore everything this fantastic location has to offer, beginning with these must-see hits.

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1 Voodoo Doughnut

From bacon and maple to bubble gum, Voodoo’s doughnut menu resembles Willy Wonka’s to-do list. After all, their catchphrase is “the magic is in the hole.” Take what you will from that. The majority of these flavours should not work. But they do a fantastic job. Voodoo Doughnut now has locations all over the country, but true fans still flock to the original store on Portland’s SW Third Avenue. 

2 Portland Art Museum

The Portland Art Museum, founded in 1892, is the oldest in the Pacific Northwest and one of the oldest galleries in the country. There is enough to keep you busy for an entire day with the vast array of works on display (contemporary, modern, and ancient pieces – and over 45,000 of them). View some outstanding Native American art as well as one of the most impressive collections of English silver in the world. 

3 Multnomah Whiskey Library 

The Multnomah Whiskey Library has a fantastic selection of over 2,000 liquors from all over the world. Portland is famous for its craft beer scene, but hard liquor fans now have their own hangout. This stunning bar (read: you must become a member to imbibe) exudes sophistication and old-school class—it is already regarded as one of the world’s finest whiskey bars. We’d be much more focused if all libraries were like this.

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4 Pittock Mansion

In 1909, The Oregonian’s wealthy publisher Henry Pittock commissioned the construction of the French Renaissance-style château perched high in the West Hills. The story of Portland’s growth over the last century through the eyes (and belongings) of the prominent Pittock family in this mansion-turned-city-owned museum. The mansion, which is more than 1,000 feet above sea level, also commands some of the best views of the city, making its lawns a popular picnic spot. People, gather your strawberries and blankets.

5 White Stag Building

A large neon sign atop the White Stag Building, also known as the Portland Sign. This iconic sign greets visitors crossing the Willamette River via the Burnside Bridge into downtown Portland. Despite the fact that the wording has changed over the years, it a historic landmark in 1977 and read “Portland, Oregon” in 2010. Walk across the bridge and try to capture the skyline in the background. During the holidays, the stag’s nose glows red, like Rudolph’s.

6 Forest Park 

If Portland is a republic of environmentalists, Forest Park is its capital. A verdant idyll nestled among the Tualatin Mountains on the west side. The reserve is a haven for hikers and wildlife alike, with 80 miles of accessible trails and stunning views of the Willamette River. If you’re feeling energetic, put on your sneakers and take on one of Forest Park’s many hikes.

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