Handcrafted Cufflinks

Handcrafted Cufflinks are an easy way to add style to your look, and they have the bonus of being versatile enough to be worn with nearly any shirt. Of course, you’ll need to learn how to wear cufflinks with french cuffs if you want to take full advantage of their visual punch. Luckily, it’s a fairly simple process! Here are some tips on how to wear handmade cufflinks with french cuffs.

Decide Which Shirt You Are Going To Wear

One of the first things you need to decide is what shirt you will wear. You should consider the dress code, your profession, and the occasion. For a more formal event, I recommend wearing a white cotton shirt with french cuffs and a pair of handcrafted cufflinks. Dark pants and black shoes should accompany this type of shirt. 

I recommend wearing an oxford button-down shirt in light blue or white with French cuffs for a more casual event. Pair this shirt with khaki pants and brown leather shoes for an outdoor event or dark navy jeans for indoor events.

Decide on the Color of Your Shirt

The key to wearing cufflinks is thinking about the color of your shirt. Pearl cufflink is a great option because they are versatile and match any shirt color. If you’re wearing a white or light-colored shirt, pick silver or gold pearl cufflinks. If you’re wearing a dark-colored shirt, try copper or bronze handcrafted cufflinks for contrast.

Decide on The Size Of The Cufflink

Cufflinks come in many sizes and shapes, but the most common type is round. The size of the cufflink should be relative to the shirt. For example, a shirt with a smaller cuff will need smaller cufflinks, whereas a shirt with a larger cuff can accommodate slightly larger or more elaborate cuffs. 

French cuffs are typically 3 inches wide and made from stiffer fabric to stand up when fastened together at the back of the sleeve. Choosing an appropriately-sized cufflink for french cuffs requires some consideration because they are wider than other types of cuffs.

Buy a Bespoke Shirt

A Bespoke shirt is a fantastic investment. And it’s a worthwhile investment because you’ll get to wear your custom-made shirt for many years. A bespoke shirt is made exclusively for you, so it will be fitted and tailored to suit your body’s unique shape. You choose the fabric, or the expert craftsman can provide suggestions based on your preferences or the occasion you’re dressing for.

Plenty of contemporary styles are available in various colors and fabrics for those who like a more daring look. If a bespoke shirt isn’t in your budget, consider buying off-the-rack shirts from high-quality brands such as Giorgio Armani, John Lewis & Partners, and HUGO BOSS.

Get The Cuff Links At The Right Length

French cuffs are a little more complicated than other cuff styles because they have buttons outside the shirt. This means that you’ll need a long cufflink to thread through the button hole and clasp on the other side. 

When shopping for Handcrafted cufflinks, it’s important to measure your wrist size (or the length of your french cuffs) and then compare it to our sizing guide. You should be able to find something in your size without any problems! 

If you’re buying one set, we recommend getting them as close as possible in size so they can be swapped out easily if necessary. If you’re buying two sets, make sure one is larger than the other so they work well together.

Buy A Bespoke Suit

A suit is a staple of any business wardrobe, and Bespoke Suits are becoming more popular daily. However, it can be intimidating for those who have never worn a bespoke suit. Before you go out and buy off the rack, consider getting one tailored for you by an expert. This will make all the difference in how your suit fits, especially if you plan on wearing cufflinks.

What to wear French cuffs with?

  • Wearing a cufflink with your french cuffs is an easy way to add more personality to your formal attire, so don’t hesitate to see them in the store. 
  • Pair these gorgeous cufflinks with a tie with some color and detail for extra flair. 
  • Keep the rest of your outfit light since you’re going for a dressy look. 
  • For example, choose light-colored pants and a white shirt if you want a more elegant feel, or dark wash jeans and a chambray shirt if you want something more laid back.

How are French cuffs supposed to look?

French cuffs are one of the most popular cuff styles for dress shirts. The cuff can be worn unbuttoned or buttoned and looks great either way. Buttoning the cuff allows for a more formal look, whereas unbuttoning gives off a more casual vibe. Either way, french cuffs pair well with any suit or dress shirt and make a great addition to your wardrobe if you’re looking for something different.


French cuffs are a timeless and elegant way to dress up a formal outfit. But if you want to add some pizzazz, cufflinks are the perfect accessory. The best part? This is one accessory you can wear on both sides of your shirt! You must ensure before wearing cufflinks that they match the buttons on your suit jacket. It could lead people astray and distract them from an otherwise perfectly tailored ensemble if they don’t match. 

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