Best ERP Software for Small Businesses

The Indian startup scene is booming. With new businesses emerging almost every day, it is the best time for new-age entrepreneurs and the Indian economy. Although most of these businesses have an innovative marketing offering, their core value lies in solving day-to-day problems and helping improve their customer’s life. They can do this sustainably over the long run only if they have streamlined business processes and a scalable system that facilitates growth, and this is where an ERP solution takes center stage. Most ERP solutions in India are developed keeping the needs of large organizations in mind, BUT there is an exception. If you own a small business, you must read on to know about it…

Best ERP software in India for small businesses:

There are a plethora of reasons that are involved in choosing the right ERP for your business, including technical features, the nature of the business, and its requirements. Small businesses prefer affordable ERP solutions in India that have multiple functionalities. Although it’s hard to choose from the large pool of low-cost ERP for small businesses in India, here is a list of ERP solutions that can aid businesses of all sizes- small and large alike – in streamlining and optimizing business processes.

  1. SAP Business One
  2. Tally Prime
  3. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  4. Oracle NetSuite
  5. HoneyBook
  6. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise
  7. Versa cloud ERP
  8. Dolibarr
  9. ERP Gold
  10. Odoo

You must be wondering which one is the best ERP software in India among the ones mentioned above. The answer is- SAP Business One.

It is a misconception that SAP provides ERP software only for large corporations. The ERP giant’s remarkable product- SAP Business One India (SAP B1), can give even small businesses access to enterprise-grade resources at a small cost.

What makes SAP B1 the best ERP for small businesses?

  • Affordable and suitable for any business type
  • Compliant with global business standards
  • Has clearly defined roadmaps to give you a fast turn on your investments
  • User-friendly and gives many choices in deployment methods
  • End-to-end business automation
  • Real-time reporting & analytics
  • Complete operational visibility & control
  • Customizable to meet changing business needs and constant innovation

ERP is critical business software that allows business leaders to monitor the company’s pulse through a single vision of truth. If you want this clarity of vision, you must rely on the best provider of ERP services.

Uneecops is a platinum partner of SAP and can provide you with 360-degree support for your small business, from managing implementation to customization. So, wait no further. Get in touch with us to make your small business become data-intelligent and agile with our expert consultation.

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