Alcohol and Drug Evaluation

Drug and Alcohol Evaluations

As the name suggests, these evaluations are for determining if you have recently been consuming alcohol or drug of any kind. The traces will come into your blood, and the reports can tell the intensity of your addictions and the substance you consume. Sometimes it is mandatory that the employees of a particular employer go through the test. For example, trucking companies ask for the alcohol and drug evaluation results of drivers before hiring them. Other times, the court orders an evaluation under the DUI arrest and various other crimes related. 

Things you need to know about drug and alcohol evaluations

  • It is an effective evaluation process that helps determine what substance a person used to consume and to what level. Moreover, the evaluation reports can also help determine how long you have been taking it.
  • These evaluations can also help determine the impact of the drug or alcohol on your body and if there is a potential health disorder cropping up. The purpose is to find out how badly your body got affected and if you are fit for specific jobs. 
  • The tests also clarify if you have a co-occurring mental health disorder that might have pushed you towards the abuse or might be delaying your recovery.
  • The complete evaluation process takes about 60 to 90 minutes and multiple processes like initial screening, assessment and tests get carried out. Additionally, the experts will ask questions to understand your situation better. These questions aim to seek information about your family history of substance abuse or any physical or mental health issues you might be facing.
  • If you are required to undergo the alcohol and drug evaluation, know that not showing up for the test will get considered under denial, and you will not get a clean chit. 

You should know these fundamental things about the evaluation tests done for substance or alcohol abuse. If you are supposed to take the test due to professional commitments, ensure that you opt for a reliable team for the same. So before choosing any organization, run through a checklist which covers all the criteria including evaluation, certified experts, affordable cost, and flexible program options. And, to mention do not worry about the cost. There are various organizations providing alcohol and drug evaluations that fall under your budget with multiple payment options. Now that you know what exactly this is all about, get yourself started or help someone who needs to get their life back on track.

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