Along with bringing a glow to the face, these 5 yoga asanas also increase stamina

Nowadays people do not know how many expensive products are used for the glow of the face. Whereas, we can get the glow and redness of the face with a good diet and yoga. Who does not want a beautiful face, everyone wants that their face looks beautiful. For this, you also make various efforts. But to bring a glow to the face, taking the help of yoga is most beneficial. Some activities of yoga bring redness to the face and spots, freckles, wrinkles, and blackness can be removed. Today we are telling you special yoga poses for a beautiful face.

Yoga for face:

Udana Mudra Yoga

Udan mudra yoga is very beneficial to maintain redness in the face. To do this, sit in Padmasana and then except the index finger of both your hands, join the other three fingers with the tip of the thumb. Do this exercise regularly for five minutes, it will be beneficial.


Singasana is easy to enhance the beauty of the face. To do this, sit in Vajrasana and open the knees a little, now open the fingers of the hands like lion’s paws and place them on both knees. After this, take out the tongue by pulling the breath in, and then while exhaling makes a roar like a lion. Bring tension to the neck muscles. You can practice this asana 3-4 times. While doing this yoga, the mouth should be open as much as possible and the tongue should come out as much as possible.

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Breathing exercise

First, take a deep breath and fill your mouth with as much air as it takes to inflate a balloon. Stay in this posture for five seconds. By doing this balloon inflating yoga, not only the face but also the lungs are good exercise. With this, the wrinkles of the cheeks are removed and the skin of the face remains tight. Repeat this yoga five to eight times.

Kapol Shakti Vikasak Yoga

Kapol Shakti Vikasak Yoga is a very good yoga posture to bring a glow to the face. For this, sit in Sukhasan or Padmasana. Close the nostrils of both nostrils by mixing the front part of the eight fingers of both hands together. Then breathe in. Then close the nostrils with both thumbs and inflate your cheeks like a balloon and hold your breath according to your capacity and exhale slowly. Do this exercise at least 20 times.


By doing Hasyasana, the face blossoms like a rose. Laughing out loud is called Hasyasana. During laughing, all 600 muscles of the body are exercised simultaneously. Laughter gives more oxygen to the lungs and purifies the blood. To do this yoga, laugh so much that tears come from your eyes.

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