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In the present era of technologies, SAP is a highly in-demand software application provided by many enterprises and IT solutions, for the enhanced implementation of ERP (Enterprise resource planning). For managerial development in the field of IT and business, SAP has been continuously providing amazing ways, from the start. However, to work on this technology, one must know in-depth about SAP CO if the respective individual wants to make their career in this field. There are a total of 28 modules present in SAP, among which only a few are considered mainstream.

If you are from Noida then you can easily get SAP CO Training Institute in Noida which provides training and certification. Controlling also known as CO is one of the mainstream modules of SAP and one can gain expertise in this domain by doing these certifications. This module is so important that it has become a need to fulfill all the controlling management needs of organizations.

What are the Main Components of SAP CO?

SAP CO comprises various key components for the proper separation of the company’s business functions. These components are:

Financial Accounting (FI):

These comprise the company’s key accounting business functions such as payable accounts, general ledgers, cash, and bank, accounts receivable, and asset accounting.

Management Accounting (MO):

The key components are-Management Accounting, or Controlling (CO) includes business functions like profit centers, cost centers, product orders, and internal costs.

Materials Management (MM):

This component covers business functions such as procurement or purchasing and inventory management. The order can be either local or imported (overseas orders) along with this, it can be in the form of materials or services also.

Sales and Distribution (SD):

Here this component covers business functions like inquiries, sales order management, price quotes, and credit and debt advice.

Production Planning (PP):

This component includes all phases of production, including the time to set up the machine, the time to produce the product, and the labor hours used to manufacture the product. Along with these, various other parts like – Production waste, scrap, by-products, and by-products are included.

Project System (PS):

SAP Product System includes business processes for efficient project management of any size and involves a work breakdown structure (WBS), network, phases, and confirmation of the growth of completed projects.

Human Capital Management (HCM):

It includes business processes that take care of all aspects of managing company employees. A few of the subcomponents of the HCM component are-time management, personal development, organizational structure, and salary are

Net Weaver (Basic):

This consists of installation of SAP ERP software, making timely backups, and recovery of disasters. It also consists of authorization management to take care of which procedure owners are authorized for a particular set of business transactions.

Quality Management (QM):

SAP QM component includes business processes that deal with quality control and quality control in all aspects of logistics and supply chain management.

Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP):

ABAP is the SAP ERP programming language and is utilized for formulating custom reports, layouts, screens, or scripts.

What are the opportunities to work after receiving the SAP ERP Certificate?

  • SAP consultant.
  • SAP ABAP consultant.
  • SAP FICO consultant.
  • SAP SD consultant.
  • SAP ABAP developer.
  • SAP basis administrator.
  • SAP project manager.
  • SAP Hana architect.


Now, to conclude, it is clear that SAP CO is gaining popularity in recent times. The best solution for gaining expertise in SAP CO is training and certification from a good platform. This will not only accelerate your current career. But also maintain a work-life balance as a job in the SAP domain is much better than others. Thus, you can decide which SAP certification training is right for you. And based on that, you can register for SAP CO Online Training.

Hence, SAP CO is one of the demanding modules of SAP and at present.  There are a plethora of job opportunities in this field. A candidate who is looking for a career as an SAP CO consultant should have a complete insight into SAP CO. A candidate can take up the comprehensive training of SAP CO. Because it not only helps to become an expert. But also enhances your understanding of better management of controlling in an organization.

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