portable hyperbaric chambers

portable hyperbaric chambers

Autism, otherwise known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is one of the ailments that afflict children worldwide. In the US alone, one in every 68 children is suffering from one or the other form of ASD. Fortunately, now parents and caregivers can bring home portable hyperbaric chambers for children with autism.

Do you want to know how it works? Keep reading.

What is Autism?

As a neurodevelopmental disorder, Autism affects the neurological, behavioral, and communicative skills of individuals.

Scientists and researchers are yet to figure out the exact reason that causes Autism but can deduce that Autism is a multifactorial condition and can be caused both by genetic and environmental factors.

While there are many conventional treatment options for the treatment of Autism, one method that is rapidly gaining attention to its success in treating Autism symptoms is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT.

The incidence of Autism affecting individuals with certain medical conditions like the below is high:

  • Fragile X Syndrome

  • Rubella during Pregnancy

  • Encephalitis or Meningitis

  • Tuberous Sclerosis

  • Undiagnosed Phenylketonuria

  • Lack of oxygen during birth

  • Substance Abuse during Pregnancy

These factors can impact brain development at the initial stages and lead to impairments in the way different sections of the brain communicate with each other.

Associated Ailments

  • Cerebral Hypoperfusion – Patients with Autism have a reduced flow of blood to the brain causing inflammation, known as Cerebral Hypoperfusion.

  • GI Inflammation – Autistic patients are also observed to have a decreased flow of oxygenated blood causing severe inflammation and leading to poor absorption of nutrients.

  • Oxidative Stress

  • Mitochondrial Dysfunction

What is HBOT?

Contrary to popular opinion, HBOT or Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is not a new treatment method. It has been practiced since the 1930s in the treatment of decompression sickness of deep sea divers and for carbon monoxide poisoning.

But more research and studies have demonstrated that HBOT can be successfully used to treat other ailments and illnesses, more specifically Autism.

How does HBOT work?

In this therapy, the patient is administered 100% pure oxygen inside a pressurized chamber, known as a Hyperbaric chamber. The pressure is maintained at 1.5 ATA and above, depending upon the nature and intensity of the treatment required.

When patients inhale pure oxygen, the natural healing ability of their bodies increases manifold. Oxygen under pressure gets absorbed into the body fluids like blood and plasma easily. When this oxygen-rich blood gets circulated to the various parts of the body, it promotes healing and self-repair at the cellular level. It improves the natural ability of the body to fight against infections, reduce inflammation and lead to the growth and formation of new blood vessels. All these lead to overall healing and fortification of the body at various levels.

Even though the brain makes up for a minuscule 2% of the physical mass of the body, it consumes 20-30% of the oxygen consumption of the body. The brain and spinal cord regions of our body are very sensitive and responsive to even the slightest increase in oxygen levels. This makes hyperbaric oxygen therapy a very beneficial one to alleviate and improve the various symptoms and conditions that affect kids with Autism.

Benefits of HBOT

  • Improvement in mitochondria function

  • Increased blood flow to the brain

  • Repair of the blood-brain barrier

  • Stabilization of cell membranes

  • A significant decrease in oxidative stress levels

  • Having an anti-inflammation effect

  • Improved neurotransmitter irregularities

  • Increased growth and creation of new blood vessels

Types of Hyperbaric chamber

The HBOT treatment is primarily administered in a hospital or a nursing facility. There is a variety of hyperbaric chambers available –

  • Personal

  • Portable

  • Soft side or Hard side

  • Monoplace or Multiplace

  • Horizontal or Vertical, etc.

Depending on the nature, intensity, and duration of the required treatment, you may want to consider buying or renting a chamber.

Why do you need a Portable Hyperbaric Chamber?

You may want to buy a chamber if your autistic child also has heightened sensitivity to new environments or strangers.

Taking them to a hospital or medical center can easily overwhelm their senses and might aggravate the whole situation.

In such situations, buying or renting a portable hyperbaric chamber or personal hyperbaric chamber is a wise choice!

More on Portable Hyperbaric chamber

You can research to buy a soft hyperbaric chamber, otherwise known as the portable hyperbaric chamber. This chamber consists of a frame that is covered with a soft, yet sturdy and durable fabric covering.

These soft hyperbaric chambers are collapsible, lighter, cheaper, and portable. But these can be used only for treatments that need slightly more than the atmospheric level pressure treatments.

For treatments that need intensive or high-pressure therapy, you can opt for the hard chamber. Hard chambers are made of glass and metal and can endure higher pressures.


Autism can be a difficult condition both for the child who has it and for his/her family or caregivers. HBOT is a radical treatment that aims to improve the health of such Autistic kids.

It is a good idea to invest/rent a portable hyperbaric chamber to make the whole therapy easy and comfortable for them. Getting your portable hyperbaric chamber gives you the flexibility and comfort to administer pure oxygen whenever required. These chambers are lightweight, compact, and more comfortable to handle.

Do enough research and consult your family physician before you make the buying decision.

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