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Austrian businesses play a significant and influential role in Eastern Europe. By August 2022, more than 6000 mergers and acquisitions have taken place. However, after effects of the pandemic are still visible here, but the businesses are showing progress and moving towards slow and steady growth. As online transactions have become more prevalent in the past four years, merchants with a broader reach feel the need to connect to multiple payment gateway providers in Austria. There are many reasons that prove why it is beneficial to have more than one payment gateway in a business. Let us all delve into those factors below and understand the irreplaceable role of having multiple payment solution platforms for a company in Austria.

Get a Higher Transaction Success Rate

Merchants are always worried about the success rate of their daily transactions. More failed or incomplete transactions may mean nearness to a long-term downfall of the business. For the longevity of a commercial entity, a higher success rate is a vital factor.

Why do online transactions fail?

Besides any mistake made by the customer, such as entering the wrong safety code, many reasons happen on the side of a payment gateway. The reasons are –Enquiry Now

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

  • Data transfer error which is the primary job of an international payment gateway
  • Due to any technical error in a payment gateway
  • Due to congestion during peak hours when millions of transactions take place

If any of the above problems occur during a transaction, which is quite common already, the only relatable solution is to employ multiple payment gateways. Having more than one platform to transfer customers’ financial data constantly improves the speed of transactions and, in turn, the success rate. To provide a better checkout experience to customers, many merchants today hire multiple providers of payment gateway in Austria. In any situation, you should have another payment gateway as the backup; that is why businesses should not depend on only one or two payment solution companies.

Attain Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

When there is no obstacle and no bad checkout experience, you gain the confidence of the customers. They are more likely to return to a brand that makes their transactions smooth and shopping more predictable and speedier. Incidents of long approval times and transaction denial can thoroughly affect your business, and the competitors wait for such weaknesses only. The goodwill of a brand is its most significant asset, and any compromise on this part can cause a considerable loss.

  • With multiple providers of payment gateway solutions, a merchant can provide various payment methods. Mobile wallets, cryptocurrency, and credit or debit cards are the popular ways to pay for a product or service, and the more options you provide, the happier will be for the customers.
  • A bad customer experience will be the first thing to take your business towards downfall. Every merchant should continuously improve the checkout experience after investing in safety.
  • Multiple currency payments can be handled more efficiently because your payment gateway may not be popular in every country. By connecting to various payment gateway providers, your business connects to the payment gateways used more frequently in a country.

Better Merchant Account Management

For a merchant, a merchant account is as important as a payment gateway because this commercial account is the final place where the payment comes. All high-risk merchants can understand its importance. In Austria payment solutions through multiple payment gateway providers are popular because the business owners want to operate their merchant accounts efficiently.

  • Read below to understand how multiple payment gateways help manage business accounts properly.
  • In case of any technical issue in a payment gateway, the merchant account can receive payment from another payment solution platform.
  • Faster transfer of customer credit card data facilitates more rapid settlement of daily transactions.
  • Payment gateways also implement an effective chargeback management strategy which helps a merchant prevent his account rejection due to higher chargeback.
  • With PCI-DSS compliance, the payment gateways keep merchants, customers, and acquiring banks (merchant account providers) safe from fraudsters.


After reading the points above, you can feel convinced about the benefits of having multiple payment gateways in Austria. Nowadays, when the international economy is undergoing a period of uncertainty, Austrian merchants are desperate to move fast toward economic growth. If payment gateways can help bring success in any possible way, the merchants will explore this opportunity. Every business wants to expand its reach with time, and those with an offshore or global presence cannot depend on one or two payment solution providers. Companies with millions of monthly transactions must invest in a vast payment structure for assured growth. If you are looking for a new high-risk payment gateway solution, paycly.com payment gateway solutions can be in your shortlisted options. Visit the website and explore its global reach benefits for your business.

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