In today’s time, everyone has a very hectic life, and it is not easy to take out time for a trip. So, when we plan for our next trip, it should be worth it. Is it time for you to tick Norway on your bucket list? If yes, then you are at the right place. 

Make your trip to Norway worthwhile by knowing about the five best places to explore at this destination.

Take a train journey

First, taking a train journey in Norway is a must. Furthermore, this destination has some of the best train routes. Don’t consider this an ordinary train journey. Instead, this journey allows people to witness nature’s best and most surreal views.

Tracks are laid over 2000 miles, and it is the best way to witness the beauty of this destination. The first thing travelers should do in Norway is to have a train journey.

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Visit Oslo Cathedral

Oslo cathedral is one of the most visited, built in the 11th century. The main thing about this church is that it was the first church in Norway. 

Also, this is the perfect place to learn about the historic and iconic events associated with the royal family. Anyone interested in witnessing the beautiful architecture, then they will love this Oslo Cathedral even more. Also, the colorful murals over the ceiling of this church make it look even more attractive.

Go skiing in the Lyngen Alps

When in Norway, don’t miss skiing. Furthermore, skiing is an experience one cannot have at any random destination. So, don’t even think about missing skiing in the Lyngen Alps. These stunning alps are situated in the arctic circle. Get ready to enjoy the best views of nature and witness glaciers and rivers here. 

If you are fond of doing adventurous and want to try both skiing and rock climbing, here is the perfect chance for you. 

Visit the village of Geiranger

Do you wish to visit the most picturesque place in Norway? Head to Geiranger without giving a second thought. 

Furthermore, this is going to be the most beautiful and surreal place of this destination. Rather, this place is so beautiful that it sometimes feels unreal. 

Moreover, don’t forget to take endless pictures when you are here and keep these memories alive forever.

Visit the Arctic Circle

Do you know that Norway is situated in the arctic circle? Also, do you want to witness the most beautiful midnight sun? Don’t wait to go to the arctic circle. 

If you are fortunate enough to visit this destination around the summer solstice, i.e., when the sun does not set, you will have the most unforgettable time of your life at this place. 

Furthermore, is it even possible to miss out on northern lights in Norway? So, go ahead and see the northern lights at the arctic circle. 

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So, why wait anymore? Plan the trip to Norway, and remember to add these five places to your itinerary. 

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