Light Chaser Rescue (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Light Chaser Rescue


  • Genre: Drama, Action, and Modern Romance
  • Released on: October 14, 2022
  • Asia: China
  • 40 episodes of a drama


  • As Luo Ben, Luo Yun Xi
  • as Zhan Yan, Janice Wu
  • As Zhou Ming Ming, Marcus Li
  • As Ding Ding Ding, Li Ting Ting
  • As Xiong Fei, Xu Shao Ying
  • Luo Yuan is Yang An Qi.
  • As Xiao Bao’s mother, Lin Meng
  • As Luo Ben’s mother, Zeng Chen
  • as Ji Huan Bo
  • As Peng Peng, Kenan Sheng

Light Chaser Rescue

Among Light Chaser Rescue Zhan Yan is a super physician, while Luo Ben is a super attorney. They’ve already met three times in one day, and none of the encounters were romantic because she seemed to despise him despite his at least a few times of assistance.

The initial incident happened after an on-road collision. Luo Ben used the pedestrian/emergency lane because he was running a little behind schedule due to the accident-related traffic.

When Zhan Yan exited the bus to assist with the collision, he pulled over Luo Ben’s automobile and asked him to take her to the scene. After that, Luo Ben assisted her in opening the victims’ automobile because the emergency services were otherwise occupied.

Everything was arranges, but Zhan Yan forgot her belongings in Luo Ben’s car because she was travelling in the ambulance with the patients.

Luo Ben travelled to meet with his client, who asked him to resolve a minor issue with their main writer’s refusal to give credit to her interns, who handled the majority of the job.

Ding Ding, who was Zhan Yan’s cousin, served as the primary intern.

Episode 1:

Ding Ding walked to the building’s rooftop and began live-streaming her intention to leap off it if her rights are not respected.

The fire department had arrived at this point with the inflatable cushion in case Ding Ding did decide to jump.

Luo Ben entered and warned Ding Ding that it was never worthwhile for her to kill herself because her complaints would be quickly forgotten. Then he played her a video of her pleading with KK to let her work as an intern without pay or credit so she could learn from her role model at Light Chaser Rescue.

When Ding Ding claimed to have drawn the majority of the cartoons, Luo Ben once more demonstrated to her how similar her drawings were to those of KK.

The best course of action, according to Luo Ben, is to start over and come up with something new. She would receive 10,000 Yuan in compensation, he continued.

Ding Ding decided to move away from the edge of the rooftop when she realised she truly had no legs to stand on. Unfortunately, she plummeted, landing on the already-blown-up cushion below.

Zhan Yan has just come after performing a significant procedure. She requested that Luo Ben deliver her belongings to the hospital.

After Luo Ben’s company drink-up party that evening, she went to grab a coffee and overheard a man looking up Zhan Yan’s skirt on his phone as he paid for his beverage.

Episode 2:

Due to the fact that Luo Ben’s sister is deaf, he often becomes too protective of his older sister.

Anyway, his sister, a teacher, had been sent to a Fengqing special needs class. In order to give her some independence, Luo Ben’s sister rebuffed his offer to accompany her on her trip to Fengqing to see a client.

She moved in right away at the school, but as fate would have it, the area saw a very powerful earthquake that shook the building and the surrounding area. There are numerous casualties and the situation was chaotic and worrisome.

Firefighters and medical personnel were deployed to Fengqing to assist in the rescue.

Zhan Yan had temporarily put his arrogance on hold. She may even be the best doctor in the world, but people dislike her because of her lack of good manners. She was nonetheless dispatches to Fengqing, where she ran across her cousin Ding Ding, who just so happenes to be vacationing there.

Episode 3:

While running to the school to retrieve his sister, Luo Ben overheard a small child pleading for assistance from beneath the rubble. He noticed a young boy. He can’t clear the debris quickly enough because it was so large. We are grateful that the rescuers arrived in time to assist.

According to Luo Ben, his mute sister was trapped inside the collapses school. The captain informed the rescuers of this circumstance.

Luo Ben yelled his sister’s name while running around. When he heard a whistle, he felt relieved. He was aware of his sister’s life.

They were able to locate Yuan, but she was stuck by large timber. She informed them that the headmistress was also close by.

They were saved after a protractes, excruciating search.

Unfortunately, the operation on Yuan was successful but the headmaster passed away.

Made Luo by Zhan Yan Ben pledges to make a contribution.

Ding Ding met Zhou Ming Ming. They combined their dumbness to form a double act.

Ding Ding was preventes by Ming mIng from returning to the abandones inn where she was staying. She reportedly stated that she had to fetch her laptop.

Ming Ming suffered an injury while assisting her to escape the falling debris. He nearly passed out when he saw his bleeding leg.

Ding Ding questioned how he could sign up for a rescue mission given his fear of blood.

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