Kanha National Park Tour Packages

Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park is one of the largest national parks in central India. This tiger reserve is nestled in the Maikal range of the Satpura mountain range in Madhya Pradesh which is known as the heart of India.

It’s fascinating to note that this national park is now known as the Tiger Reserve and is being hailed as one of the best wildlife reserves in the world. Kanha National Park, which spans two revenue districts, Mandala and Kalaghat, was established as a reserve forest in 1879 and reclassified as a wildlife sanctuary in 1933. In 1955, it received another promotion and became a national park.

Kanha National Park is located in the Maikal series of hills and its core area is spread over 940 sq km. The total size of the Kanha Tiger Reserve, including the core zone and buffer, is 1945 square kilometers.

Key Species in Kanha National Park

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, this national park can never be less than heaven for you. Kanha national park is rich in flora and fauna due to which you can be able to witness various kinds of species of animals and birds other than tigers.

The key species in Kanha National Park that you will be having the opportunity to witness are mammals (Tigers, Chital, Sambar, Barking Deer, Langur and Sloth Bear, etc), Birds (Emerald Dove, Yellow Footed Green Pigeon, Indian Golden Oriole, Green Bee Eater, etc.) and Reptiles (Python, Russel’s Viper, Indian Kobra, Common Krait, etc)

Safari Zones of Kanha National Park

Every national park will be divided into different core zones, buffer zones, and reserved zones. Here the core zone would be the most important as it is the protected area of the jungle that acts as a referral point for the natural state of ecosystems. The following are the Safari Zones of Kanha National Park with their entry gates:

Name of the Safari Zone Entrance Gate
Kanha Zone Khatia/Mukki/Sarhi Gate
Mukki Zone Khatia/Mukki Gate
Kisli Zone Khatia/Mukki/Sarhi Gate
Sarhi Zone Khatia/Sarhi Gate

Although all the zones have high chances of sighting tigers. However, as per the feedback given by the travelers, Mukki Zone is the most popular safari zone in Kanha National Park due to its high density of wildlife and lodging options.

Best Time to Visit Kanha National Park

You must be excited to know the best time to visit Kanha National Park. Like almost all the national parks in the nation, this park remains closed in the monsoon months. However, choosing the right time to visit can be a tricky affair.

The months of November to March will be the most ideal time to visit this park as in these months the weather will remain cool, calm and welcoming. If you are coming here with family or a group of friends, you must plan your trip in these months only.

You can also visit Kanha National Park in the Off Season Months of April-May. If you are an adventure seeker, then you can come at this time of the year as you have to cope with the high temperatures and scorching sunlight. Tigers are more likely to be spotted at this time. However, you should avoid planning your trip with your family in these months.

How to Reach Kanha National Park

If you are looking for the modes of transport to reach Kanha National Park, below is a guide for the same.

  • By Train: It is the easiest way to reach Kanha National Park. You can either reach Gondia railway station or Jabalpur railway station which are located at a distance of 145 km and 160 km respectively. Both these stations are well-connected through the other major Indian cities. After reaching this point you can drive to Kanha National Park.
  • By Road: You can reach Kanha National Park by road very easily. Jabalpur is just 160 km away from the national park which means you can reach from there by just a 4 hours drive. Raipur and Nagpur have also situated 250 km and 300 km away from the national park and are well-connected through road networks.
  • By Air: Jabalpur, Nagpur, and Raipur are the nearby airports to the Kanha National Park. You can reach any of the airports as these are connected to all the airports of India. From there you can book a private taxi to reach this national park.

Final Words

Kanha National Park is rich in its natural extinction. By visiting this alluring location, you can experience the perfect blend of natural beauty and adventure. You will be witnessing different species of wildlife that are on the verge of extinction and numerous migratory birds.

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