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Are you a Mac user and looking a method for how to export Apple Mail account emails to Gmail with attachments on Mac? If yes, then continue reading the section further that will discuss an amazing and time-saving procedure to effectively import Apple Mail to Gmail.

Apple Mail is an email client which is a most used and comes as a default with Mac OS X. Many Mac users and organizations have accounts in Apple Mail environment. It is programmed by Apple Inc. for operating systems such as macOS, iPadOS, iOS and watchOS. The email program was originally designed by NeXT and it was a part of NeXTSTEP operating system. The current Apple Mail version make use of SMTP to send messages. POP3, Exchange and IMAP to retrieve messages and S/MIME to encrypt end-to-end messages. However, the most powerful feature that users will get in Apple Mail is configuration of the software for receiving all of user’s email accounts in a single list. There are many more other similar features which makes the email app very impressive and demanding

But, nowadays, many of them are switching to Google Mail and there are numerous reasons behind this. Gmail is a free webmail service and with every update, it is enhancing its quality and features that is attracting users across the globe. The productivity tools, cloud drive and GUI are the highlights of Google Mail account. They have simplified the work for large organizations by helping them out in managing their large database in a single environment.

Some Popular Features of Gmail are:

  • Automatic Email Filtering and Categories
  • Smart Reply and Smart Compose
  • Intelligent and Writing Search Suggestions
  • Email Nudges and high-priority Notices
  • Finding and managing trips in Gmail
  • Offline Maps available that ease the travel
  • Google Drive for uploading essential docs
  • Large storage space to store large database
  • Intuitive and manageable user-interface
  • Meets and Hangouts for Live Meetings and Chats

Gmail is a feature-rich webmail service which can only be experienced and cannot be described much through words. Therefore, day-by-day people are moving from Apple Mail to Gmail. However, the transfer of account from one email platform to another is not complex. But, what challenging is how to move the data stored of a previous email account into a new one. So, keep reading because in the next section we are discussing the procedure to export Apple Mail to Gmail on Mac.

How to Export Apple Mail to Gmail on Mac?

Apple Mail Converter for Mac is a solution which is reliable and highly secure. It is recommended by experts that guarantees quick and precise migration on Mac. The GUI of the tool is very intuitive and easily adaptable. Any user can handle the software without needing any help and export Apple Mail emails to Gmail with attachments effortlessly. Even, the app has a batch mode functionality using which one will be able to save time by exporting unlimited Apple Mail mailboxes into Gmail at once.

The software possesses numerous features which help users in exporting Apple Mail emails to Gmail according to their requirements. However, one can download the freeware version to understand the migration process for free.

Steps to Export Apple Mail Account Emails to Gmail

Step 1. Download and open Apple Mail to Gmail Tool on Mac.

Step 2. Choose the necessary option to load Apple Mail mailboxes and click on Next.

add Apple Mail files

Step 3. Tool will extract Apple Mail folder and list all the associated files on the software. Click Next.

selective conversion

Step 4. Select the Gmail option by clicking Select Saving Option.

saving option

Step 5. Enter the Google Mail account credentials i.e. Email ID and App Password. And, then click on Export button.

Step 6. Apple Mail to Gmail Migration Process is Now Live. Users can track the count of Apple Mail files that are transferred and that are left using the window as shown-

conversion process

The process will successfully move each and every Apple Mail file to Gmail and the termination will be confirmed through a pop-up showing “Conversion Completed” on the screen. Now, go to Gmail account to check the resultant data. The accuracy and originality of Apple Mail files will remain safe during the process.

Final Thoughts

The blog has explained the exceptional process for exporting Apple Mail account emails to Gmail with attachments on Mac. The MacMister Apple Mail Converter for Mac has a fast processing and three simple operational steps with easy to use GUI that is accessible by all types of users. Download the free software version quickly and experience the working steps by exporting first 25 Apple Mail emails to Gmail with attachments for free.

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