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The involvement of mobile phones for medical purposes has boomed in the past five years, and more than 200 healthcare apps are being built daily. 

However, not all of them are successful or have performed wonders for their patients! 


It can be because of numerous reasons, including poor UI/UX, integration of only basic features, and more. 

So, what medical apps are patients supposed to download and use? 

Fortunately, Indian pharmacies have now expanded their business and built their digital spaces to provide efficiency to their customers. 

Don’t worry; we have gone through the investigation for you, and it is precisely what we’ll talk about in this article. 

Are you ready? 

Medical Apps That Are Making a Place in Users’ Hearts!

Nowadays, we all have our mobile phones at arm’s length. How about acquiring its advantage at best? 


It is a fast-paced lifestyle, and sometimes it is not possible to physically visit stores and purchase the necessary goods or items. In such a case, apps that deliver goods to one’s doorstep seem like the most convenient option.

What do you think? 

Thus, check out the best medical delivery apps in India that are working flawlessly for shipping emergency pharmaceutical supplies:

1. PharmEasy

Being India’s one of the leading and biggest medicine distribution app, its services are now expanded to numerous cities. The best thing is that the app not only provides medicines but offers services such as lab tests and diagnostics. 

2. 1Mg

Talking about India’s most popular medical apps, 1Mg tops the list with over 10 million downloads. The app can be easily downloaded by users on Android and iOS, and it provides a broad range of services in medicine and healthcare. 

3. Practo 

Another exceptional platform for patient care includes Practo, which allows its users to acquire doctor consultations along with medicine delivery. In addition, the application is known for providing multiple solutions under one roof. 

Patients can efficiently schedule consultations, find test labs, and get medicines delivered to their doorstep in no time. Not only this, but the app also enables its patients to upload their doctor’s prescriptions for online purchases. 

4. Medlife 

The Medlife app promised to deliver medicines within two hours when it initially got launched in India. Not to forget mentioning that the app has more than 5 lakh installs in the Play Store.

Apart from medicines, the app also features products like baby food, diapers, and more.

Don’t you think these apps climbed the ladder of success due to the contribution from the best healthcare app development company?  

5. Netmeds

India’s fastest-expanding medical delivery platform is Netmeds, and the app can be easily downloaded on iOS and Android devices. 

The platform serves all the major cities in the country, and was acquired by Reliance Retail in August 2020. 

6. Apollo Pharmacy 24/7

At first, Apollo Pharmacy operated offline in major cities of India; however, now it has introduced its digital space for the sale of online medicines. 

The platform now provides online consultations along with allowing app users to order from a wide variety of medicines. 

Are Healthcare and Medical Apps Beneficial? 

You must have already realized the importance of healthcare and medical apps to patients. However, if you’re a businessman, an entrepreneur, or a healthcare provider; what good will it offer? 

Notably, healthcare or medical app development has become a robust tool for healthcare providers to bridge the gap between patients and doctors. Additionally, these apps offer convenience, making them a prioritized option for customers. 

Now that patients are turning to their smartphones for seeking diagnoses and ordering medicines more than ever, it is significant to build apps that enhance the quality of care for patients. Moreover, it is important to work on building an experience that patients want to seek. 

How would you do so? 

Continue reading to know!

1. An Easy-To-Use Functionality

Notably, an app that demands a lot of time to figure out its functionality cannot do well. Honestly, users don’t have the time to spend hours and learn how an app works. Thus, there are higher chances of losing your customers! 

It is advised to integrate an easy sign-up mechanism and easily accessible features; exactly what patients need. 

2. Efficient Communication with the Professionals 

Many times, visiting a doctor is not mandatory and does not require an in-person evaluation. 

According to a study, it takes about 121 minutes for an in-person visit to a hospital, and that is a lot of time investment. 

Fortunately, healthcare and medical apps can save patients from the same by bridging the communication gap between doctors and patients for a flawless diagnosis. 

3. Community

According to a research, social features, when integrated with healthcare or medical apps are likely to motivate patients to stick to their medical routines and healthier habits. 

Notably, this feature allows app users to connect with other people going through the same situation to acquire insights into their experiences.

How does that help?

It enables patients to acquire inspiration during their recovery phase!

Isn’t it a great initiative?

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In a Nutshell! 

Indeed, healthcare professionals are doing a great job of providing quality care to their patients via online means. Notably, the healthcare industry and digital healthcare mechanisms are still improving, and it is vital to go through physical check-ups once in a while. However, healthcare or medical apps have got you at other times! 

Are you planning on developing one for your patients?

It’s time to get assistance on your idea from the best mobile app development company in India

So, schedule your first consultation today and take your first step toward the journey of success! 

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