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Wooden furniture is prone to damage from termites. These insects penetrate deep into the wood and eat the wooden furniture from the inside. Termites colonies in large numbers inside the wooden furniture if left undetected. It can result in total damage to your costly furniture. It is advised to inspect your wooden furniture from time to time to find out whether there is a termite attack on your furniture or not. A Dining Table is one of the pieces of furniture prone to damage from termite attacks.

How to conserve your furniture from termite attacks?

  • Pest control methods

Pest control is one of the best methods to control termite attacks. You can use periodic pest control to prevent termite attacks on your furniture. If the termite infestation is large, you will need an expert in pest control. You can also use some specific chemicals used on wooden furniture to control termite attacks.

  • Keep your furniture away from moisture.

Moisture is the enemy of wooden furniture. It helps termites to attack your furniture and causes damage to your furniture quickly. It would help if you always used dry clothes to wipe out water from your furniture. You can put your furniture in direct sunlight to keep your furniture moisture free. The bed is prone to termite attacks ad other furniture.

  • Termite-resistant paint

There are plenty of paints available in the market that are termite-resistant. You can apply termite-resistant colours to keep away the termites from your furniture. It would help if you painted your furniture after a couple of years to keep out termites. This also enhances the life of your furniture.

  • Application of Natural oil

Orange oil or neem oil are natural oils and has shown promising results in keeping away the termite from your furniture. You can also apply these natural oils to kill the existing termites in your furniture.

  • Application of Aloe Vera gel

Applying Aloe Vera gel extracted from Aloe Vera leaves on wooden furniture creates a thick cover that cannot cross by the termites. Sofa Bed is in demand these days.

  • Salt

Salt can be used if you find small patches of termites on your furniture. Applying salt kills the small patch of termites and saves your furniture.


Wooden furniture makes our home beautiful and is close to our hearts. We are choosy when it comes to furniture. Wooden furniture comes at a cost and we don’t want our furniture to get damaged fast. Termites are furniture’s natural enemies and can damage the furniture quickly. The tips mentioned above can help you keep your furniture safe from termite attacks. Dining chair and tables are more prone to damage from termites because of moisture.

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