Small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly the targets of cyberattacks. A 2021 research by CyberEdge Group found that, as of that year, 86% of businesses have been infiltrated by successful cyberattacks, a 24% increase over the previous seven years. Despite being aware that they need to take safeguards, business owners and executives frequently underestimate the danger. Therefore, the significance of cybersecurity is inevitably increased by all these events.

The idea that it is too expensive to hire cybersecurity specialists on a full-time basis is another popular myth. Even so, doing so can help you save time, and money, and give you peace of mind. Full-time cybersecurity experts in Ghana are aware of the implications of a security compromise. These professionals can help any size business avoid problems before they occur since they are aware of the benefits of cyber security.

Cybersecurity’s impact

Even if several headlines feature hacking attacks and data breaches at well-known companies. Small and medium-sized businesses are the actual targets of the bulk of cyberattacks. a worker at a small business with fewer than 100 employees, in accordance with research from Barracuda. Compared to a worker at a larger company, one may come across social engineering assaults like phishing or Trojan emails 350% more frequently.

Contrary to popular assumption, smaller businesses are rarely the target of cyberattackers because they lack the substantial financial resources of larger organizations. Just 26% of victims had reduced their expenditures as of 2019, and the average cost of the disruption brought on by a cyberattack on small and medium-sized businesses was $1.9 million.

The value of cybersecurity for businesses

Employing full-time cybersecurity specialists allows businesses to efficiently defend against cyberattacks and protect the security of their operations. The biggest obstacle to effective cyber security is that 77% of SMBs lack staff members who are responsible for reducing cyber security risks, vulnerabilities, and attacks. The Ponemon Institute poll found that 45% of SMBs lacked the skills and knowledge required to fend off cyberattacks in any way.

These statistics demonstrate that one of the easiest steps SMBs can take to stop cyberattacks is to hire a full-time cybersecurity consultant. Experts in cyber security can be very helpful to a small business. Saving countless hours of frustration and a significant amount of potential damage. American Express claims that internal specialists have joined

  • Face-to-face communication and other collaborative activities can promote creativity and advancement.
  • Employees who are paid well and have room for growth may feel more invested in the company and be less likely to quit.
  • The likelihood of intellectual property remaining private may be higher.
  • Additionally, companies could demand noncompete agreements, which might stop employees from taking their ideas with them when they leave.

Careers in cyber security can be rewarding for those willing to invest the time necessary to learn the role. Moreover, there are other options like AWS service which gives data protection. Payscale reports that in July 2022, information security specialists earned an average yearly salary of over $76,000. Cybersecurity experts employed by a corporation should be capable of performing the following basic and vital tasks:

  • Risk evaluations, automated security checks, encryption services, firewall management, and incident response plans
  • maintaining a working knowledge of federal and state cyber security laws
  • becoming the go-to source for knowledge on digital security measures, such as the demand for increasingly strong passwords, and training a company’s workers on how to spot shady communications
  • keeping track of the most recent threats and removing them before they cause harm
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