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Computers have penetrated into all aspects of our daily work and study, and laptops are also favored by most office workers and students because of their easy portability. However, small and thin models tend to mean less cooling. Below, the editor will share with you: how to strengthen the cooling of notebook computers.


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  1. In addition to the built-in cooling components of the notebook computer, we can enhance the cooling efficiency of the notebook computer by adding some external devices.

  2. The first is the normal cooling stand for laptops. The principle is also very simple.

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What should I do if my laptop is stuck? Laptop Card Solutions

What should I do if my laptop is stuck? Laptop very stuck solution. Many friends who often need to use a laptop will have a trouble, that is, the laptop will become very stuck after a long time. So, let’s talk about it today: what should I do if my laptop is stuck? Laptop very stuck solution.


The first one: clean up the computer disk.

Delete unimportant files, pictures, etc. in the C drive. Because the laptop will become very stuck, one of the main reasons is that the C drive has no extra storage space.

Second: Uninstall unwanted software.

Many small partners have a lot of “unnecessary” software installed on their computers. Such software takes up a lot of space on the computer disk, and timely cleaning can make your computer run faster. AO Discount Code NHS

How to choose a laptop?

Laptops are our good teachers and friends in our life now. Therefore, a laptop is a good tool that we cannot do without. So what should we pay attention to when choosing a laptop? Now I will talk about my selection skills.

How to choose a laptop How to buy a laptop broadcast article

The laptop at home is broken, and Brother Chi is going to start a new laptop, so how to buy a good laptop and how to choose a laptop? How to buy a laptop? The following handsome brother will help you with his own personal experience.

Choose a well-known Notebook

The first thing to consider when buying a notebook is to assemble a notebook, or to assemble and buy a brand notebook? This is naturally because the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees the wisdom, and it is impossible to say which method is better, but Brother Chixa reminds that no matter which method to start a laptop, you must choose a reputable assembly or start, so as to be guaranteed.

Look at the use of the laptop

Consult the salesperson who sells the notebook at the counter. The salesperson always asks what you bought it for, which brand you should buy if it is for ordinary use, and which brand you should choose if it is for business use. In fact, as far as the notebook is concerned, its use is determined when it is designed, and you can choose netbooks, study books and business notebooks according to your needs. Ebay Discount Code NHS 

What brand of laptop is good? Laptop Recommendation

  1. Due to the convenience of notebooks, coupled with the old problems of “poor heat dissipation, low CPU frequency, low memory, and insufficient power supply endurance” in previous notebooks, the old and difficult problems have gradually been solved, and now more and more people are beginning to choose Notebook as its own office entertainment equipment. But how should we choose a laptop, and what brand of laptop is good, has always been a question that everyone is more concerned about when purchasing. Today we will discuss the pros and cons of mainstream notebook brands.

  2. Nowadays, mainstream notebook computer brands include Lenovo, Dell, HP, Sony, Toshiba, Asus, Acer (Acer), IBM (already acquired by Lenovo, the name is Lenovo ThinkPad), and the more general notebook brands are Shenzhou, Founder, Haier, Colorful , Qixi, Great Wall, BenQ, Tsinghua Tongfang, etc.

  3. Let us first give you a general impression of mainstream brand laptops: the kings of cost performance—Dell, Samsung, need a little space in price—Lenovo, good quality and good-looking appearance—Sony, Toshiba, those who pursue configuration and like to play games—HP, Asus, There are more offices—IBM (Lenovo ThinkPad), just considering the price—Great Wall, Shenzhou, Tsinghua Tongfang will do.

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