Roles And Duties Of Contractors In Construction management

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Roles And Duties Of Contractors In Construction management

Construction is an everlasting activity across the globe because of the massive demand for construction management industries. Construction is the primary economic sector in India and plays an essential role in the country’s development. 

Construction management is the science and art of organizing, leading, planning and controlling the work of organization members to reach stated goals. In building construction, different individuals work in various organizations.   

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Functions of construction management:

Planning – It defines the goals and establishes strategy within the given time. 

Organizing– Determines the allocation of work and how the particular task has to do. 

Staffing – Hiring the person for the specific position to provide experience to complete the job in a given time. 

Lead-leading the employee and directing the activities.

Monitoring– supervising the employee’s daily activity and monitoring and controlling their training performance.

The main objective of the construction management are as follows:

Every sector of our economy involves construction activities.

Cost estimation budget and completing the work in a specified time and also to control the cost of construction to maintain the economy.

Purchase of selected materials and maintaining the reputation for the high-quality craft. 

The Architecture Firms in Chennai assist in analyzing the proposal of construction, scheduling, and monitoring.

Taking essential decisions toward construction contract negotiations. 

Construction supervision and monitoring control.

Rules And Responsibilities Of Contractors

Project planning

Planning project development and implementation in advance.

Premonition of any potential modification in the project.

Excellent communication between all the parties involved in the construction, such as clients and subcontractors. 

Project management 

Managing the budget

Hiring the right subcontractors and individuals

Handling generated waste materials. 

We are submitting the bills based on the terms of the contract document.

Project monitoring

Monitoring projects in terms of time, schedule, safety, work quality, and other project-related details as specified in the project contract.

Review, modify and update the project program dependent on the last changes and feedback.

They are practising economic construction techniques and monitoring safety-related issues for the employee.

Legal and regulatory responsibilities

The contractor is responsible for building permits application. 

Ensure that the project complies with critical legal and regulatory issues. 

Health and safety responsibilities

Guarantee safety policy to ensure health and safety in the workplace. This may involve risk management strategies, emergency response systems, and preventive means for construction site safety.

Building Contractors in Chennai ensure that all the individuals at the construction site utilize the safety equipment. 

Providing safety awareness to the workers.


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