Introduction To Blue Prism: Benefits Of Using It In Business

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Blue Prism is one of the leading RPA tools useful for providing a virtual workforce powered by software robots. In addition, it allows organizations to automate business operations in an agile and cost-effective manner.

Components of Blue Prism:

There are four primary components of Blue Prism which are as follows.

  • Process Diagram-These are business workflows acting as software programs that use core programming concepts and create operational process flows like flow charts. Furthermore, they are useful in creating, analyzing, modifying, and scaling the business capability.
  • Process Studio- It is the area where Process Diagrams are created. It consists of various features like business logic, object call, control loops, and variables. In addition, each process has the Main Page which gets executed first.
  • Object Studio- This area is responsible for creating Visual Business Objects (VBO). Moreover, it allows organizations to communicate with external applications to automate tasks. Each object studio has the Main Page, but it does have two default pages organized as a flat group.
  • Application Modeller- This component is responsible for creating application models with Object Studio. Furthermore, it results in exposing the UI Elements of a target application to the Blue Prism program.

Features of Blue Prism

Blue Prism provides enhanced security and regulatory compliance and catches entire configuration changes. Moreover, it helps in managing and controlling processes and components centrally around server-based architecture. Thus, resulting in avoiding duplications and supporting object inheritance in your business scenarios. In addition, it consists of various multi-tiered encryption algorithms which ensure secure data storage, and connectivity. Blue Prism allows you to enable user-specific access to robots, objects, processes, and robot groups for more focused and secure robotic automation. To further know about it, one can visit Blue Prism Online Training. Apart from these, given below are some of the most significant features of Blue Prism.

  • Secure & Accurate- It delivers secure and accurate results and allows you to conduct any number of processes that you wish to automate.
  • Robust– This software tool comes with various robust features such as load balancing, data encryption, end-to-end auditing, and a few more.
  • Scalable & Resilient- This is a highly scalable and resilient tool that be automated as per the need and can be monitored centrally.
  • 24*7 Workforce – Blue Prism is capable of intelligently working without the need for any person physically monitor its every action.
  • Analytics- It comes with analytical features useful for configuring Dashboards. It allows session information to be redirected to the Monitoring Systems.
  • Data Security and Data Abstraction- It performs all the processing and stores it is stored in a data center. Thus, providing a well-defined data abstraction of data and process security.
  • Provide Cloud support- Blue Prism provides optimum working capacity support as per the business requirement. This ensures that users only need to just create workers on demand and manage them centrally.
  • Execution Intelligence- This RPA tool facilitates execution intelligence as robots connect to systems and react dynamically to the responses in the data on multiple environments.

Benefits of Using Blue Prism in Business:

Using Blue Prism provides a business relief from insufficient traditional IT solutions. In addition, it provides you with greater efficiency by eliminating the need to do mundane and repetitive tasks. Moreover, it automates manually intensive tasks and offers great optimization efficiency. Blue Prism provides agility in a business and allows it to focus on strategy-making and implementation.

Furthermore, it also improves customer response time and helps you in making a more loyal customer base. This RPA tool ensures efficient cost-cutting and results in reducing the amount of money you spend on employees. Moreover, it is user-friendly and a beginner can learn it without much difficulty. Many institutes provide Blue Prism Training in Noida and one can enroll in them to start a career in it. Apart from these, given below are some of the benefits of using Blue Prism.

  • Improves Productivity- It allows a business to automate repetitive and tedious tasks so that its workforce can focus on tasks that require out-of-the-box thinking. It reduces the burden on the workforce and allows them to work more in less time.
  • Easy to Use- This is a user-friendly RPA tool and it supports various global languages. Moreover, it comes with a simple GUI and is capable of integrating with other third-party tools to enhance its functionality.
  • Effective Workforce- It uses technologies like ML and AI which allows a business to find hidden insights. Thus, helping in making effective business strategies to improve performance and profits.
  • Integration- This RPA tool is easy to integrate with other third-party tools to improve its functionality. It offers lots of integration options like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and trust portal.


Blue Prism is a leading RPA tool that helps organizations in automating business operations in an effective manner. It has four components which are Process Studio, Process Diagram, Object Studio, and Application Modeller. Moreover, this tool is secure and accurate and is capable of intelligently working 24*7. In conclusion, using this tool in business results in improving productivity and developing an effective workforce.

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