How To Improve Your Shopify Store Design To Increase Traffic ?

by Elsner Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Shopify Store Design

The maxim ‘beauty is superficial’ is true to some extent.

However, who can argue that having a poor web store design will not hurt your sales?

Even the smallest design elements are essential to ensure visitors to your store stay there and become customers. A Shopify development company will ensure that your website design is fully functional and up-to-date to attract the right clients.

Yet, a beautiful design is not everything that converts visitors.

Everyone has different aesthetic preferences. Nevertheless, companies should follow some general design guidelines which are proven effective.

There are design principles that can drastically alter your conversion rates for each stage of putting up a new Shopify store.

4 tips for enhancing Shopify store design

1. Select the right theme

Shopify provides various themes which can be customized. The best Shopify developers will decide on the theme based on the following:

  • What type of experience does the company want to give its client?
  • Does the company need large or normal displays?
  • What are the competitors doing?
  • How do they want to display their products?
  • What is the budget of the company?

2. Make customer journey easy

How easy is it for customers to utilize your store or fulfill their intended objectives?

For example, looking at product descriptions and prices, or completing a purchase, is one way to gauge its usability.

Customers should not have to search everywhere to find what they require.

Moreover, offering too many options to customers causes analysis paralysis. So, eliminate on-page clutter and offer one or two options per product.

3. Use a smart pop-up strategy

When a customer first visits an online store, they frequently receive two pop-ups, each requesting a different permission to subscribe or use a promotional coupon.

This way the store immediately turns customers off, and they may even leave it without subscribing.

On the contrary, Shopify development services will do the following:

  • Choose one pop-up to display to visitors, whether it is a web push opt-in, a subscription box, or a spinner.
  • Make sure the copy is optimized, lure them with a tempting offer, and make your offer irresistible.
  • Display the pop–up for 5 to 10 seconds after the customer lands on the page.

4. Keep your fonts readable

The font can be just as significant as the content of the text in Shopify development.

Three components make up good typography:

Legibility: Keep it easy to read

Readability: Size, color, and the distance between lines and words are all readability design aspects. So, use a white background with strong contrast letters, usually black.

Context: Maintain font appropriateness and relevance for the topic and audience.


Your store design should be a top consideration to keep customers on your site and encourage them to purchase.

Designing a Shopify store is quite easy and will help you launch your business. Depending on your consumer base and business model, there can be multiple strategies for various Shopify stores.

However, Shopify app development requires expertise to make it look professional and include all features that boost traffic and sales.

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