How can I apply for a loan secured by my property?

by Nithya
Loan Against Property

A loan is a typical scam used by the general public. People take out loans because they need money to pay for things like family vacations, dream cars, higher education, or even medical emergencies. Many loan types exist. Loans against a property, loans for cars, homes, or even gold. An asset or piece of property is used as collateral for a loan termed as a lap loan. In this case, the asset may be a house, some land, or any other type of business space. Until the borrower is able to repay the borrowed money in full, these are kept as collateral. It falls under the category of secured loans because collateral is necessary. Another term for it is “mortgage loans.”

A loan secured by real estate offers a sizable sum of money with low interest rates and lengthy terms. Loans secured by property, in contrast to home loans, are flexible depending on the borrower. Until the user pays back the borrowed loan, the lender is the owner of the property. Before using the property as collateral, the lender should have it assessed. We can help you through the process if you have been searching the internet for an answer to the question, “Can I Get a Loan Against Property?”

Benefits and Features of a Loan Against Property

Let’s first go through the features and advantages given before we learn how a borrower might apply for a loan guaranteed by property.

Features of a property loan
  • Typically, the lender lends 60% of the property’s market value. The loan amount may be between ten lakhs and seven crores.
  • Long term tenures are combined with an appealing and competitive interest rate.
  • Most payments are made through EMIs.
  • There is not much documentation needed.
  • Applicants may be salaried or self-employed.
Benefits of Loan against property
  • The lender may offer a duration of up to 20 years.
  • As little as 11% is charged in interest.
  • Only real estate is used as collateral.
  • The overall process is simple and fast.
Eligibility for a property-based loan

A person must meet a few requirements in order to qualify for this type of loan. Below are the eligibility requirements.


  • You must be a direct or indirect property owner.
  • The net income should be at least three lakhs per year.
  • The oldest person allowed is 70 years old.
  • You are eligible to apply for this loan if you are a salaried worker. 
  • various sorts of loans for real estate

Various shapes and types of loans ownership of real estate exist. It is based on three main classifications based on usage, employment, and property. Here are some of the loans broken out in more depth.

Property used as a home

A residential property owned by the applicant could serve as collateral for this type of loan. It could be privately owned, vacant, or rent out.

Commercial real estate

The applicant takes out this loan if they own an industrial building or an office building.


This loan may be given by the borrower for a lease-ready property. This kind of lending strategy is fairly common.

Loan secured by real estate

Here are some examples of when a loan against property might be used:

You may apply for this loan to pay for tuition costs, travel expenses, or even lodging costs.

to pay the expenses associated with getting married.

If you want to eliminate recurring payments or similar debts.

How can I make a loan against property application?

Now that we are clear on what a loan against property scheme is, let’s examine the necessary procedures:

carry out in-depth research

Be sure to thoroughly research all of the competing lenders before picking one. Verify the interest rates, available terms, and other costs. such as processing costs, statement fees, and prepayment costs.

Look up the available maximum loan amount.

Once you are happy with the lender you have picked, think about the largest loan amount you are eligible for. The loan amount is determined by a number of variables, including property’s current market valuation, your income, and your eligibility for repayment.

Considering the requirements

The requirements for eligibility differ from lender to loan. Feel free to offer genuine documents as evidence of this.

Apply via the corporate website or a branch

You have two options for implementing: either go to the bank’s or NBFC’s nearest branch, or use their official website. There are only a few quick and easy steps involved in the online application procedure for loans backed by actual property.

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