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A kimono is a must-have garment in your spring-to-summer wardrobe if you love creating a put-together and stylish look with complementary layering and just minimal effort. And when teamed with your favourite pair of women’s jeans, a kimono outfit accentuates your personal style in a classic yet trendy way.  

Women’s kimonos can be turned into one of the most flattering and chic outfits when you wear them with different garments, particularly jeans. Women’s jeans are every lady’s wardrobe staple, and we cannot think of spending a day without wearing one. So, what about incorporating your jeans with a kimono that would result in a trendy yet stylish outfit you can ever think of? 

But how can they look gorgeous together? Are there some popular outfit combos of jeans and kimonos? 

The key here is playing with different jeans and kimono styles and hues to get the perfect outfit options. But no worries if you are still unsure about kimonos and jeans styling, We’ve got you!

Here we’ve broken down some of the best-looking kimono and jeans attires!

Wearing a Kimono with Jeans: Most Flattering Outfit Ideas!

Faded Jeans and Block Printed Kimonos!

Nothing speaks of a casual yet chic outfit better than a white tee, a patterned kimono, and faded light blue jeans. You can choose from intricate, all-over prints or more basic repeated patterns to achieve that casual chic look. We recommend you choose a reversible kimono in white and blue with pockets on both sides for added convenience. 

If you are puzzled about footwear styling to complement your jeans and kimono outfit, say yes to a classic pair of white sneakers for a dressed-down appearance. A pair of black high heels work great as a dressed-up look. Either way, it’s a win-win game.

Pairing a Black Kimono with Jeans!

Are you Team BLACK or Team PINK?

Team PINK? Kindly skip this part. Team black? Get ready for the magical look.

As you love wearing black, select a black kimono and team it with a black bodysuit and your favourite pair of black jeans. This all-black outfit will have your heart. 

You can don the same look on chilly evenings by swapping the black bodysuit with a black turtleneck for added warmth. 

Styling Your Jeans With A Kimono for a Special Occasion!

If you hear someone saying that a kimono is just a laid-back attire, change their perception by styling your kimono elegantly for a special occasion!

Choose dark jeans and throw on a kimono over it for an occasion-worthy dressy look. Whenever you plan to style a kimono as formalwear, make sure to choose fine, rich, and premium quality fabrics like silk and darker colours like maroon, navy, dark green, dark purple, plum, deep emerald green, and other colours. You can also choose a white sheer kimono and pair it with vibrant jeans and other colourful garments. 

Style A Kimono like a Celebrity!

Is there any need left to put on a jacket when you have a kimono? Definitely not!

Celebs like Beyonce and Kendal Jenner are known to wear kimonos with distressed denim jeans effortlessly on more than one event. You can create a fashionable look like these celebs by pairing a printed kimono with cropped blue jeans and a pair of stilettos. 

These are the most flattering outfit ideas for styling a kimono with jeans. The key is to experiment with colours, patterns, and fabrics. 

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