Make use of your lipstick for eyeshadow and you’ll be able to choose from many more colors to choose from. Its creamy formulation will stick to your lids, bringing out the color and appearance as if you’re using an eyeshadow. Here’s how you can use lipstick for eyeshadows: Rub the tip of your finger directly onto the bullet of lipstick and then apply the product on the lid. Set the lipstick with a transparent powder, or apply glitter or highlighter to make the look more attractive. It is also possible to create a an unichromatic look by applying only one shade of lipstick for eyeshadow and blush and on your lips.

When it concerns makeup, we like products that are multi-tasking. Take the lakme 9-to-5 Lip and Cheek Color as an instance. It literally can cut down on time and is an ideal product for just that, as the name implies cheeks and lips! Additionally we have a few of our most-loved lipsticks can be used to make some stunning eye makeup appearances! If you’re who is always on the move and want to stay clear of using too many different products Here’s how to make use of lipsticks to create cosmetics…

Everyday naked

Every woman loves a slick, versatile lipstick shade for everyday wear. And what could be better than applying the similar natural shade on your eyes to make your look more complete? Apply some of the product to your fingertips and rub it on your lid. Then drag it outwards using an eyeshadow brush to make an effortless application.

Glam soft

We’ve been in love by the trend of pink lipstick for quite a while. If you’re one of them, this style is exactly what you’re looking for. We all have that one go-to color of lipstick that we have in our makeup bags So, only need one that has a smooth texture to blend well. It’s ideal for summer and can be worn to take the look from daytime to night by enhancing the color on your lips too!

Glam lids

Glam-y eyelids are never a bad idea, especially in the case of trying to get the super-dewy appearance. Use a small amount clear gloss and rub it over your eyes for an elegant, glossy eye makeup appearance. You can also use tinted gloss or glossy lipstick for some hue!


Smokey eye statement brown


What did we say if we said that creating the perfect smokey eye could now be accomplished with lipstick? Yes it is possible, a brown lippie and a blending tool is the most you need. Apply a large amount of brown lipstick to your eyes and then crease it and blend it outwards with the blending brush, making sure that there isn’t any saturation on particular areas. Then, finish the look by applying the application of a thick layer of mascara.


You can now count on your favorite lipsticks to serve double duty since they are able to do more than simply provide you with the perfect puckers!


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