Most of us know about the CC of our vehicles. But, have you ever wondered about the significance of CC or cubic centimetres in an internal combustion engine?

What is CC or cubic centimetres?

CC denotes a metric unit to gauge engine volume or capacity. It refers to the distance travelled by the piston inside the cylinder during one full cycle of the engine, from the top to the bottom.  Essentially, the measurement of a vehicle‘s engine capacity is cubic centimetre or CC.

How does a cylinder relate to an engine capacity?

Technically speaking, a vehicle’s performance has a lot to do with the size of its engine. It helps in figuring out some important engine characteristics like engine power, torque, and mileage.

In plain English, a vehicle’s power increases with the cubic capacity of an engine. The air and fuel mixture are kept in a cylinder before being pressurised and burned. And since there is more room, there is also more fuel to burn.

As a result, the power output increases along with the amount of fuel being burned. Therefore, in a conventional engine design, the power output of an engine is directly proportional to its capacity.

But adding more fuel to the engine makes it run more powerfully and use more fuel. The power output increases along with the cylinders’ volume. However, this eventually lowers the mileage. This makes cars get more mileage when the engine size is bigger.

However, the cylinder facilitates the air to fuel burning, and combustion happens under the protection of a cylinder head. A cylinder head is equipped with various valves, springs, and lifters. It is the top portion of the internal combustion engine of a vehicle. The cylinder head regulates flow during the intake of fuel and air and blowing gases out.

A cylinder head uses the head gasket to close the combustion chamber and seal the cylinders. Besides, the cylinder head governs the intake of lubricants that manage the friction of the cylinder’s inner walls.

The cylinder and its head are some of the most critical components that might have severe impacts from small wear and tear.

Here we are going to discuss some potential problems with the cylinder head.

The cylinder and its head are some of the most critical components that might have severe impacts from small wear and tear.

The cylinder head is prone to overheating.

Cylinders deal with the combustion process, so no one can deny the presence of heat. However, there is coolant to deal with the excess heat managing the proper temperature. But, constant exposure to heat might put cylinder head internal components under pressure. There might be some congestion due to distortion of shape that does not allow coolant to pass through. This might put the cylinder and its head under immense heat.

However, you can counter such a situation as your car’s engine starts to hint about the high temperature on the dashboard. Moreover, Service My Car assists you in dealing with engine issues so that you can spare yourself from costly car engine repair.

Sustained Oil leakage

Oil leaking is definitely not a good sign. However, a cracked cylinder head could cause a significant leak.Check the engine to see if there is any evidence of oil around the cylinder head, even if you are unable to personally detect a leak but the oil light is on the dashboard.

However, a worn head gasket might be a culprit behind an oil leakage as it cannot hold things right. If things are obscure, it is better to go for a professional inspection by an expert at Service My Car.

Lack of engine oil invites a number of underlying issues that can damage your car’s engine entirely.

Lower level of coolant

The fact that your engine overheats frequently indicates a serious problem. Typically, a leak turns out to be the main cause of a low coolant level. Additionally, coolant leaks unnecessarily due to a cracked cylinder head or a worn head gasket.

However, as the engine begins to heat up from the lack of coolant, this could lead to more serious long-term problems.

Sign of smoke at tailpipe

A cylinder problem, especially when it gets cracked, is the constant presence of smoke at the tailpipe.

However, it implies that the crack and damage are probably much more severe. If this has happened, you should try to have a professional fix the issue as soon as possible to prevent further harm to the engine. However, a smoke at the tail pipe tells you about an emergency under the hood.

Nevertheless, replacement of the engine’s cylinder head is possible if repair is not feasible. But the problems should be clear when it comes to remedying them first.

As cylinder head might sustain a crack but it is quite rare and often happens with old vehicles mostly. On the other hand, the head gasket wears and tears is a major issue with most vehicles.  However, the head gasket replacement is easy at any of Service My Car workshop.

Service My Car equips with all necessary tools and our experienced mechanics leave no stone unturned to serve you. Book a car service or order a car repair quote at our website or app anytime.

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Do you feel that your four-wheel drive has started to lose its spark? It is not as fast and up to the performance level like past.Over time, engines can lose their power, resulting in a notable drop in performance and reduced horsepower as well as efficiency.

A car’s engine is a complex mechanism, and even the smallest component might result in reduced power.

How do you exactly know about your engine’s reduced power?

As your car’s mileage increases, its engine will experience natural wear and tear. There are a lot of signs of reduced engine power. Most notably, the check engine light appears on the dashboard, and you also push harder to accelerate at the same time.

Apart from that, there is always some sign of exhaust smoke at the tailpipe and when you try to idle your car, it behave rough than normal.

If all or few of them have been a regular experience, then you have to find out the remedy for your car’s engine problems.

What causes this dip in performance? And how can you prevent it?

Check and replace Engine oil & oil filters

In general, an automobile goes through the internal lubrication and it needs engine oil. It does not only provide lubrication but helps in extending the life of an engine. However, an older car that has travelled certain distance might need a car oil change much before the expected time.

A new oil filter that suits your car make and model, or an engine oil of the proper grade is main ingredient of a proper lubricant. Your car’s engine will run more smoothly if you replace the oil filter, drain the old oil, and then add new, fresh oil.

However, you can avail Service My Car assistance for an assured service by a professional.

Inspect spark plugs

Combustion process needs all the spark plugs intact as if they can provide the necessary spark, the combustion might get missed and it reflects in engine misfire.

It’s crucial to change spark plugs. Regular replacement of these is necessary to maintain the engine’s peak efficiency and performance. Spark plugs for petrol engines should be replaced at least once a year or as part of a full service. On the other hand, you can go for spark plugs replacement every 15000 KM. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that the age of the vehicle may affect how frequently spark plugs need to be changed.

Use additive to clean those clogged fuel injectors

In some cases, fuel filters are insufficient to keep particles and deposits out of the fuel system. These deposits travels all the way to the engine from the fuel tank and there is not filter under the hood for filtering out them.

These tiny particles are sufficient to obstruct the fuel injectors’ slender nozzle. And if that’s the situation, you can’t count on fuel injectors to deliver the right fuel to the combustion chamber.

This is quite obvious in the form of engine performance problems in vehicles.

However, this issue is simple to fix because all you need to do to clean those fuel injectors is use some fuel additives inside your fuel tank. This cleaner’s cutting-edge cleaning formula dissolves dirt and boosts system performance.

On the other hand, Service My Car offers assistance with problems like fuel filter replacement and engine performance.

Look out for any Malfunctioning Sensor 

Nowadays, the cars are technological sophisticated with a long list of sensors. These sensors help drivers to ride their vehicle with more awareness. They also govern major operation of a vehicle too.

These sensors are crucial for maintaining power and performance because they send signals to the ECU and check everything from temperature to engine operations.

Engine sensor problems are rare, but when they do occur, they can lead to a variety of problems, including decreased engine output. And to make matters worse, because the symptoms are so similar to those of other under the hood problems, it can be challenging to identify a malfunctioning sensor.

If you do not posses any automobile knowledge, it is worth to access the service of professional mechanic. Service My Car offers a car scanning and diagnostics service that just only highlight a defective sensor, but you get to know about a list of existential and potential issue with your vehicle.

There are a number of potential causes if you’ve noticed a recent loss of power or feel like your car’s engine is slowly degrading. However, there might be other minor issues such as the faulty fuel pump, worn ignition coil, faulty EGR valve, etc

Even though some engine repair issues are minor, others necessitate immediate assistance from a car engine repair expert.

Nevertheless, you cannot avoid the loss of engine power, but you reserve all right to bring it back at it best. If you need help of an expert, it would be better to avail services of Service My Car.

If you need a any type of car service or repair like oil change, car transmission repair or car mot check services, look no further than Service My Car. Service My Car will help you to provide best car service with free pickup and delivery at the nearest car service center in Dubai.

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