impound insurance

At Release my vehicle, we offer impound insurance designed particularly for vehicles impounded by the police. Vehicle insurance is a legal requirement to drive on public roads. That is why you need valid insurance to release it from the police pound.

Our team of experienced providers holds no judgment over your situation and understands you want to get back on the road as early as possible. The policy lasts for 30 days, you can utilize it for complete 30 days if you need.

*cover can only be issued straight after you submit your payment*

How do we work?

  • We are an independent insurance company, so we treat each case with complete attention.
  • We provide a personal service and never hold judgment on your situation.

How does it work?

  • Tell the insurance company your vehicle’s registration and the registered owner.
  • Provides all the information including your driving license so the company can customize your insurance quote
  • Get an insurance quote, pay your dues and get on the road straight away

To apply for short-term car insurance, both driver and the vehicle need to tick some boxes

Requirements for driver

  • The driver should be age between 17 and 75, and have a full UK driving license (valid)
  • If the driver is aged between 17 and 21, and it is for their car, they will have to clock up at least 6 months on their driving license
  • The drivers have no more than 9 points on their licenses and have had no disqualification on their licenses in the last 18 months
  • If the driver had any fault claims or driving convictions, it will affect their ability to get temporary cover
  • If the driver is not the registered owner of the vehicle, he will be required to get the vehicle’s owner’s permission and agree to take responsibility for getting a suitable cover

Requirements for the vehicle

  • The vehicle has to be less than 40 years old
  • It should be register in the UK

Why choose us for impound insurance?

When you reach us, our team of professionals will make sure all important information is collect to provide an accurate insurance quote. Working closely with our panel of expert insurance providers, we can offer you a quote you can afford. In addition to it, we can provide annual cover after the vehicle is release from the police pound.

Having uninsured is one of the main reasons behind the impoundment of the car.  As our private client, you can speak to our insurance provider privately. We will keep everything confidential and make sure to receive the best possible services.

Some insurance policies cover impounded vehicles while some do not, so first of all, the driver needs to check the terms and conditions of your insurance policy to confirm if you can reclaim the vehicle. If your policy does not cover impounded vehicles, you can take out a specialist impounded vehicle insurance policy.

Make sure to shop around for policies as some will offer quick cover meaning you will be able to get the documentation you need straight away.

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Fleet insurance

Fleet insurance can cover you, your vehicles and a third party in case of any damage. In case of any accident if your insured vehicle caused any damage to other people’s property or vehicle damage then fleet insurance cover you and a third party both. In the case of the third party, only fleet insurance is the cheapest way of insurance. 

What is fleet insurance?

Fleet means a group of vehicles. A Fleet insurance policy makes it possible to insure multiple vehicles in one single policy. You can insure your cars in your name, your company name or your partner’s name. 


Pausing up-to-date with the single insurance policy conditions and reanimation dates of vehicles is very difficult. That’s why a fleet insurance policy has been designed that protects you, your vehicles, and third parties.

One of the advantages of a insurance policy is that it has a single payment date for each insured vehicle and one renewal date. 

This policy will help you to manage your big-size company in which you have a number of vehicles in less time. And on the other hand insurance is more cheapest it will save your significant amount of money.

Most fleet insurance policies usually cover these features as standard.

  • Trailer liability.
  • Employer protection cover.
  • Public cover.
  • Courtesy car extension
  • Breakdown damage cover. 
  • Theft activities cover. 
  • Goods in transit cover.
  • Third-party cover. 

Are different types of fleet insurance features available?

Absolutely, there are different features of insurance available that are considered for your business. Typically these features fall into three categories: 

Third-party only: 

if you happen any accident, unfortunately, you damage another person’s car or property then this insurance feature will cover third-party vehicles or property. This feature is the cheapest form of fleet insurance and the minimum amount is required for legal coverage of business to operate. Because this is less expensive than other types of fleet insurance policies that’s why this feature does not cover your damaged vehicle and drivers. 

Third-party fire and theft: 

Third-party and theft insurance feature offers you a high level of protection while for this policy there is no legal requirement. This feature enables you to make a claim if your vehicle got steal or nourishes as a result of the fire. This feature also covers you if you happen to have any injury in the accident unfortunately or damage to a third party. 

Fully comprehensive insurance:

This is the key feature of the insurance policy it is the most advanced form of insurance policies that is available in the market it covers you in all aspects and consequently this feature is the most expensive as compared to the above two features. If you choose a fully comprehensive insurance policy. It will cover you against all of the above features (third-party, fire and theft). It also covers your damaged vehicle and drivers or any changing and repairing expenses. If you have some kind of driver that is unable to insure. Then fleet insurance is more exclusive and lowering the risk will be offset across the fleet.

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