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Embed Facebook Feed On WordPress

“You should get a Facebook for your business.” How many times have you heard this phrase in your lifetime?

It might have sounded not very pleasant. But the truth is, with 2.96 billion monthly active users, Facebook has become one of the essential platforms for connecting with a business’s target audience.

One of the best ways to get your WordPress website to stand out is to link your social media platforms to it. Many business owners have started to embed Facebook feed on WordPress website. Once you show engaging Facebook content on the WordPress website, you will take advantage of opportunities like increasing the website traffic. 

If you are still on the fence about what tools to use to embed the Facebook feed on WordPress Website, you have arrived at the right place. This blog discusses the best tools to embed Facebook feed on a WordPress website. So follow along and see what’s in store for you. 

5 Unbeatable Tools To Add Live Facebook Feed To WordPress Website 

Facebook is still the king of all social media platforms and believe it or not, it can either make or break your business. While at it, allow us to mention that choosing a correct social media aggregator tool is as important for your business. A good social media aggregator tool helps you to showcase a live Facebook feed in the best possible way.  Have a look at the list to choose the best one for your business. 

1. Tagembed 


As the ultimate all-in-one social media aggregator tool, Tagembed has earned first place in the list. This incredible tool has helped businesses embed Facebook feed on WordPress website without coding. 

The customization feature of Tagembed helps to customize the overall look of the Facebook widget. The feature allows you to change the themes and layouts of the Facebook widget. With this feature, you can choose a theme that resonates well with your brand image. The good news is, Tagembed has a Custom CSS feature that helps you level up your customization game. 

Tagembed also offers you to change the look of the social card. You can hide the author’s information and revise the fonts and their size. 

Tagembed’s filtering and moderation feature helps you to scrutinize the content you do not wish to showcase on the Facebook widget. This is an excellent feature, as you will notice many Facebook irrelevant to your need while collecting the feed. 

2. Elfsight 


Elfsight is another phenomenal tool that helps you embed a Live Facebook feed on a WordPress website. Using the Elfsight tool, you can easily customize the post style, add the author’s name, and showcase the content source. 

You can also add a header to your feed on Elfsight. This will help you display the ongoing marketing campaign or offer an explainer to the website visitors about the Facebook feed. 

When you add engaging content around your product on your website, visitors may likely share it with their friends. This is where you need a call to action button. We also recommend you add a Call-To-Action button in your Facebook feed. The CTA button will allow the visitors to like or share the content on their Facebook feed. These CTA buttons will, in return, increase the engagement and exposure of your Facebook account. Elfsight also claims to have a mobile-optimized Facebook feed for its users. 

3. Sociable KIT 


Another application that enables you to embed LinkedIn feed is called SociableKIT. This tool aids companies in getting the most out of social media, including Facebook. Using SociableKIT, you may grow the number of followers, viewers, and paying customers who visit your website. Additionally, it enables you to increase your social media following and ultimately increase revenue.

Similar to Tagembed, Sociable KIT offers an easy-to-use embedding procedure. As a user of SociableKIT, you won’t need to be concerned about challenging issues like API. This tool enables you to alter the widget’s general appearance. 

4. SnapWidget 


Another great tool that we have on our list is SnapWidget. With the tools known as SnapWidgets, you can add a widget to your website or blog that shows images from your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

This tool will automatically refresh when you post new content to Facebook. Customers can make direct purchases from the pictures. Moreover, they also allow businesses to enable shopping for the images used in their widgets. However, the free version of the tool only offers you a few features. When you opt for the free version, it takes the longest time to update the content on the website.

5. Embedly 

Embedly is yet another considerable tool that helps business owners to incorporate live Facebook feed on their website. This tool is highly efficient for including Facebook videos and photographs on your website. This social aggregator makes it simple to convert standard URLs into unique user-generated content.

With no coding required, it is a quick method to boost interaction and increase traffic to your website. It enables you to create stunning previews for any URL on the site and quickly deliver high-quality content from hundreds of suppliers to your audience via Facebook.

In A Nutshell 

Facebook has the potential to become an immense source of the traffic to your WordPress website. 

As a business owner, when you embed Facebook feed on website, you open the door for opportunities, more leads, and more income. Moreover, this also helps you to establish better relationships with your target and existing customers. The tools mentioned above are the best ones when it comes to embedding Facebook feed on the website. These tools have great features and most of them have affordable subscription rates. 

So what is stopping you now?

Use the tools and see your business and website grow like crazy. 

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