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The two second-generation Apple AirPods are the entry-level wireless earbuds from Apple, followed by the as-of-right third-generation AirPods, which are aimed at the middle-market and the all-new noise-cancelling AirPods Pros, which are aimed at the premium market. There are also third-party sites such as Amazon where you can still purchase the original AirPods Pro, even though Apple no longer sells them if you are interested. As a result of this development, we – and by that, I mean everyone who owns an iPhone – have more choices than ever. However, choosing between the three could be difficult in the long run.

The best Apple AirPods in Dubai come in three models, each of which has equal parts of similarities and differences. The more expensive AirPods have a different design and fit and have more premium features (including wireless charging and active noise cancellation). All three models have quick iPhone pairing and hands-free “Hey Siri.” As a result, the more expensive models sound better.

Considering the price, there are significant differences between AirPods (2nd Generation) and AirPods (3rd Generation), which are AED 183 less than the high-end AirPods Pro. Fit and features greatly impact price, so you need to think carefully about them.

AirPods: How we tested them

In addition to sound quality, we can directly compare every model of Apple’s wireless earbuds’ smart features (such as fast pairing), noise-cancelling and spatial audio support. Apple AirPods Pro are superior to entry-level models, and you’ll see improvements as you upgrade.

AirPods (2nd-Generation)


  • You can buy the cheapest AirPods here.
  • Voice controls, audio sharing, and fast iPhone pairing are supported.


  • Wireless charging is not available (unless you purchase a more expensive model).
  • Sweat-resistant AirPods are the only ones available.
  • Transparency and noise cancellation are not available.
  • A high-end audio technology like spatial audio or adaptive EQ is not supported.

In 2016, Apple introduced thin-stemmed AirPods at their most entry-level. Due to the lack of noise-cancellation, transparency, and spatial audio support, they are cheaper than the rest. Unlike AirPods with wireless charging cases, these don’t come with one (although you can purchase one for an extra AED 110-ish).

AirPods (3rd-Generation)


  • Battery life is excellent.
  • Charging wirelessly.
  • Audio spatialization and adaptive EQ are supported.
  • The quality of the call is excellent.
  • Supports “Hey Siri” voice control and fast iPhone pairing.
  • Water-resistant and sweat-proof.


  • Transparency and noise cancellation are not available.
  • The silicone ear tips cannot be swapped for a more comfortable fit.
  • The price is a bit high.

There are no active noise-cancellation modes or transparency modes on the AirPods (3rd-Generation) compared to the AirPods Pro. Besides not fitting as deep in your ears, they do not fit as securely since they don’t have silicone ear tips that can be adjusted. Apart from that, there are not many differences between these two models. As well as spatial audio, they support wireless charging. You can wear them in both dry and wet conditions. The best battery life among Apple’s AirPods is probably their best feature.

AirPods Pro (1st-Generation)


  • These wireless earbuds are excellent
  • Noise-cancelling active technology is great
  • The quality of calls is excellent.
  • Audio spatialization and adaptive equalization are supported
  • You can pair your iPhone with your listening device quickly, use voice controls with “Hey Siri”, and share audio files.
  • Water-resistant and sweat-proof


  • (Frequently discounted) Expensive
  • It is no longer available from Apple

They deliver the best wireless earbuds you’ll buy AirPods online of any brand, as well as active noise-cancellation and audio quality that can’t be matched. The devices are capable of playing high-quality audio formats, such as Dolby Atmos and Spatial Audio. It is possible to charge them wirelessly. In addition, they fit more securely than any other AirPods because they have a deeper in-ear design and silicone ear tips that are adjustable.

AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)


  • All AirPods offer excellent noise cancellation and transparency
  • A superb audio experience
  • Transparency and Spatial Audio are advanced features
  • Find My features are enhanced, as is the built-in speaker
  • Charger case with lanyard loop (wireless charging)


  • Affordably priced

Apple’s new AirPods Pro – the only AirPods Pro it sells now – remains smaller and more stylish than the original AirPods Pro, but they have been updated dramatically. As Apple claims, they have twice as powerful noise-cancelling as the first generation AirPods Pro because the new H2 processor chip powers them. Spatial Audio is powered by the H2 chip, which provides a remarkably immersive listening experience. The new driver and amplifier they have installed have improved the sound quality of the speakers remarkably. On-ear volume controls are one of the first features of these AirPods. Moreover, the charging case has a built-in speaker (like the AirPods) and Find My with Precision Finding support.

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