A click-to-call service is a web-based communication method in which a person contacts a company representative in real-time by clicking a button or texting. The click-to-call technology can be embedded into various forms of digital customer touchpoints.

Online and offline communication can be bridged with click-to-call services. Information was found, questions were answered, help was obtained, and purchases were made using the telephone before the Internet.

Click-to-call services combine these two methods of communication. People who want your immediate attention or want to buy something from your company or you click or call to start button that connects them directly to your phone or mobile device. In seconds, you can connect with someone for face-to-face communication by clicking or calling.

The simplest way to use click-to-call technology is to have your prospective client or customer click a number on your website using their computer or mobile device. Then they can call that number using their default calling app. Likewise, your team members can dial numbers listed on most websites by enabling click-to-call on their VoIP app.

Using click-to-call will help you convert customers or provide better customer service to them because it makes it very easy for them to reach you. Additionally, a click-to-call button eliminates any extra effort the user has to put forth to contact you. By providing them with a hotline, they can easily ask you questions without having to copy and paste your number.

A Click call button is also essential for your phone customers. Providing a call button on a mobile app or a website significantly reduces effort and helps create a seamless process for excellent customer communication. No one would like the hassle of fidgeting between 2 apps to dial a number.

Mobile users are growing exponentially, making it a serious consideration for all your customer service activities.

You can take these millions of users and provide them with a quick solution to their problems, and you’ll have thousands of willing customers at your doorstep.

You earn their trust when you make it easy for customers to access business information or speak with a live representative. In addition, click-to-call leads always have high values compared to cold calls.

But simply don’t just take our word for it. Today, with mobile phone searches and Google dominating the inbound traffic funnel, there’s no time like the present to test the effectiveness of click-to-call for yourself.

Still not sure if Click to call service is good for you?

We have listed down a few professionals that must use our Click to call service in India

Professionals That Must Use Click to Call Service in India

Entrepreneurs: As click-to-call service in India is a very effective way to reduce customer effort, they can reach brand representatives/service agents with the single click of a button. Moreover, compared to the manual calling process where users need to dial phone numbers, a click-to-talk service in India helps quick interaction. With click-to-call, users do not need to go through long calls waiting in queues.

Restaurant/Hotel Professionals: A Click to call service is a quick and comfortable solution for prospective customers that helps generate more business. You know, website visitors are encouraged to talk directly in case of any doubt regarding your product or enquiring about any services listed. According to a report, 88% of website visitors are more likely to contact your brand if you add a click-to-call button.

Brand Chains Professionals: With a Click to call service, you can expect more customers to become your loyal payers. When customers get better customer service, there is a high chance that they will re-approach the brand shortly. Conversely, a lousy experience often discourages buyers from returning to the brand, so providing exceptional customer service is the key to future business opportunities.

Customer Service Professionals: A phone is limited to a one-to-one voice interaction, which has meager conversion chances, but this is not the case with a Click-to-call service. This communication medium allows users to use more advanced communication processes such as video calling, co-browsing, text chat, and document sharing. This seamless transition facilitates customer service agents to serve customers much better, increasing first-time resolution rates, conversions, and customer satisfaction.

Marketing/Sales Professional: Data is the key to the success of all modern businesses, and the same goes true with a click-to-talk service. Being a cloud-based solution, you can get all your communication data on the dashboard, such as resolution time, caller location, details of queries, etc. This data is beneficial for marketers to understand the need and expectations of customers.

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