5 essential Mudras true to the purpose of Mudras and their benefits

Mudras and their benefits

by savita

5 essential Mudras true . Mudras are sacred and have lived for millions of years before us. The sole purpose of Mudras is to make our lives better and to benefit them in ways that most people cannot comprehend through their normal, ordinary daily living. There are several instances when all of us need a small spark of energy to continue our lives and this can be brought forth by practising the right mudras. They essentially help us live to grow better when people learn to connect themselves with the unknown. It is the unknown that makes our world reach greater heights.

Many of us really believe in Mudras even though most of us are regularly practising them subconsciously. When we bow down to touch someone’s feet or shake hands or bring them together into a Namaskar, all we are doing is practising a certain form of Mudra.

Mudras are essential and all the good sciences and practices are but a culmination of many Mudras together. Yoga, dance, and martial arts of any form do not indicate much more than making us conscious of the right mudras at a particular time and exploring their power together. Holding to the purpose of the Mudras, in this article, we will cover a few Mudras that can bring a positive change into your lives.

5 essential Mudras true to the purpose of Mudras and their benefits

  1. The Namaskar Mudra 5 essential Mudras true 

The power of the Namaskar Mudra is so great that whenever we see anyone we revere, we join our palms together slightly pressing one upon the other. All of our fingers represent one or the other element- fire, water, earth, air and space.

  • The thumb indicates fire
  • Our index finger denotes the air
  • The middle finger represents the Akashic element
  • Our ring finger is the earth symbol
  • The little finger denotes the water element

When we join our hands we create a closed circle around which the energies can flow vividly making our sense of reverence deeper and connecting us and the being we bow down to the unknown expanse of the Universe.

  1. Gyana Mudra, 5 essential Mudras true 

This is the next best Mudra that can bring together astonishing results when it is practised for a longer period that is more than 20 minutes daily.

In this mudra, touch the tip of the thumb with the tip of the index finger.

Balancing the air and fire elements within the body can balance your gastrointestinal system and also calm your mind.

There are many benefits of practising the Gyana Mudra, some of them being;

  • Manages insomnia
  • Aids in depression
  • Channelizes our brain’s energy
  • Relieves headaches and manages diabetes

You can perform this mudra any time of the day. The Gyana Mudra can help bring a balance in the vatta, pitta and Kapha energies within our body.

  1. Vayu Mudra

It is for releasing our body and for making us feel lighter and help in terms of stress release and in managing feelings of heaviness.

If you have a Vatta body type, then this mudra can be immensely beneficial for you.

Straighten your palm and then bend your index finger slightly touching it with the thumb at the second phalanx. Keep the other three fingers straight and oriented towards the outer side.

Several benefits of this mudra include;

  • Whenever you feel a bloating sensation, you can try practising this mudra. It can help eliminate excess gas formation in the body.
  • It also relieves constipation in people and helps clear the bowl.
  • Regularly practising it can help people suffering from cervical spondylosis.
  • With its help chest pain can be relieved, and brittle, dry hairs can be made to look better.
  • They also provide good immunity against colds and coughs.


  1. Surya Mudra

The Surya Mudra can balance the Fire element in your body.

With the help of this mudra, you can boost your body temperature and also maintain an effective metabolism.

With its help, you can increase the influence of the Fire element in your body and reduce the Earth element’s influence.

Many benefits come with this mudra, an essential in the lives of those who live out in the cold.

You might have seen several yogis and yoginis donning this mudra whenever they sit outside in the cold meditating. It is to keep the body temperature from falling rapidly in our body.

Bend your ring finger into your palm and touch the second phalanx bone with the thumb while stretching the other three fingers outward.

Several of its benefits include the ones given below.

  • It is a posture that will help decrease the bad fat and cholesterol in the body.
  • Improving digestion is also possible with the help of this yoga mudra
  • It can improve conditions of acidity and indigestion
  • The purpose of mudras seeks completion through it as with its help, you can increase the fire element or the pitta factor in your body and decrease the kapha’s effect.
  • You will be able to maintain the right body temperature through the practice of this yoga mudra.

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  1. Prana Mudra

Most often, our daily lives will bring down the ever-flowing life force within the body. To keep it in balance, we need to practice this yogic mudra posture. Thus, after a hard day’s work or when exhausted from practising this mudra will serve the purpose of mudras by bringing back the much-deserved energy within half an hour of practice.

This is the master of all mudras and can go a long way in healing and curing a body of certain disease conditions.

It is a way in which you balance and bring together the three natural elements together- the Earth, Water and Fire element.

These three when brought together in close proximity can restore pranic healing generating the much-needed energy to make you feel energetic again.

To do this, you have to simply bring your thumb, ring finger and little finger together with the thumb slightly touching the little finger and the ring finger.

You can feel instantly energetic if you practice this mudra and the purpose of the mudra is to restore the energy balance in your body.

Other benefits of practising the Prana mudra will include;

  • It can improve your eyesight and vision
  • The purpose of the mudra is to make you feel relaxed and thus, they balance your blood pressure whether high or low and will restore it to normal.
  • Proper circulation is ensured with the mudra in effect and it also sharpens your vision and improves your eyesight.
  • It will relieve mental anxieties and tension; helps fight stress, restlessness and frustration.
  • They can also soothe a burning stomach.

All these mudras bring benefits that fulfil the purpose of these mudras. But, you won’t know merely by reading them but only by practising them. One thing to note is, you cannot get instant results or benefits. But you can only benefit when you practice them daily for more than 20 minutes patiently and with the belief then change is always around the corner.





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